13 May 2019

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Review Got S8 E5 the Bells Revenge of Mother of Dragons End of an Era

Review Got S8 E5 the Bells Revenge of Mother of Dragons End of an Era

Monday, 13 May, 2019
Game of thrones Season 8 Episode 5 - The Bells

Game of thrones season 8 got only six episodes this was the 5th episode
It's the second to last episode of Game of Thrones

Review Got S8 E5 the Bells
In last episode we saw that one of the dragons Rhaegal gets killed with a more powerful "scorpion" weapon before the eyes of the mother of dragons.
One of her trusted friend Missandei gets murdered before the eyes of Queen Daenerys
Queen lost many of her trusted friends before this.
Queen has stopped eating and meeting with others, she is just burning inside.
Now many supporters are writing that she has become a Mad Queen but one must see that she has lost her friends, she has lost her love Jon betrays her by telling Sansa Stark that  he is the heir to throne and his family.

Now Queen has to live in fear that people may not accept her as a Queen, other fear is that society always wants male has king and do not like to bow before a female and when they got the choice in Jon they may not accept her as queen.

Now I will not call her Mad Queen , she just took revenge , must remember that whenever there is a war innocent people get killed it’s not the fault of mother of dragons
If she would have wasted time the enemy would have successfully murdered her remaining dragon as well as Jon and stark family.

Cercei is one of the most powerful and intelligent character in this series except dragon I do not think anyone got the power to murder her.

Tyrion informs the queen about betrayal of Master of Whisperers, Lord Varys
Dany sentences him to death, Tyrion quietly reveals that he was the one to betray Varys

Varys – Death by fire, dragon fire burns him alive.

Queen tells the Tyrion that his brother Jamie got captured and now he is prisoner.
Tyrion decides to help brother, he goes inside the tent where Jamie is kept as prisoner.
Tyrion unshackles him and asks him to escape with Cersei so the kingdom can surrender, telling Jaime to use the secret passage
"Tens of thousands of innocent lives. One not particularly innocent dwarf. Seems like a fair trade," Tyrion replies.
And with that, Tyrion makes another tearful farewell hugs him.
One of the top most emotional hug in the series.

The beginning of war –
Queen rides on her dragon and destroys Iron Fleet, Golden Company and whoever comes before her.
Thought of Revenge wins and mother of dragons destroys everything whatever sees, without realizing she is murdering innocent people
Queen rides Dragon and flies over King's Landing, dracarys-ing everything in sight. Innocent civilians, screaming women and children
This the reason it’s properly said with great power great responsibility comes.

Jaime kills Euron and enters the Red Keep
The Hound and Arya have made their way to the Red Keep.

The Hound has always had a soft spot for Arya.
Arya was on a mission to kill Cersei and The Hound to commence Cleganebowl, but as the Red Keep crumbles he tells her to return to safety. Revenge isn't worth it.
"You want to be like me?" the Hound barks at her. "You come with me, you die here."
"Sandor," she replies "Thank you."
One of the best moments again in this episode.
Sandor convinces Arya to give up on killing Cersei and proceeds alone.
On a crumbling staircase, the Hound finds his brother along with Cersei, Qyburn and some soldiers. The Hound dispatches the soldiers easily, and challenges the Mountain.
The Mountain kills Qyburn when he attempts to call him back
Hound realizes that Mountain is not dying and then Hound hurls himself at his brother, sending both of them tumbling from the Red Keep into the fires far below.
Now everyone is dead

Cersei and Jamie meet They flee to the bowels of the castle to the hall where they keep their spare dragon skeletons, ready to make their escape.
Jaime tryies to find a way out  only to find that their exit is completely blocked by rubble.
Jamie keeps trying to find a way out, but Cersei knows it's the end.
They embrace a final time. "Nothing else matters," Jaime says. "Nothing else matters. Only us."
And within a few seconds, it's only them ... and thousands of tons of stone, collapsing upon them.
Cersei and Jaime are now dead after being crushed as the Red Keep was destroyed.

In this episode following important characters died 

End of an Era
1-Cersei Lannister
2-Jaime Lannister
3-The Hound
4-The Mountain
6-Euron Greyjoy
8-Golden Company
9-Innocnet Civilians

Episode 5 - good episodes in Season 8

Before watching this episode I thought this episode will also fail the fans like previous ones.
But this episode is good.

Photo – The Last Hug the End of an Era

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