17 May 2019

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BJP government says cannot share black money details received from Switzerland

BJP government says cannot share black money details received from Switzerland
Friday, 17 May, 2019

BJP government has refused to share information on black money cases received from Switzerland
Reason not to share information = confidentiality
"The information shared by Switzerland on black money cases is governed by confidentiality provisions," it said in reply to the RTI application filed by a PTI journalist.
Replying to an RTI query, the Finance Ministry said India and Switzerland share information on black money on a case to case basis as per the investigations being carried out

The Finance Ministry was asked to provide details of the same received from Switzerland, including the names of firms and individuals, besides the details of action taken on the information.

There is no estimation of amount of black money in circulation both inside and outside the country, the ministry said.

The Finance Ministry was also asked to provide details of black money cases received from other countries. It said, based upon the information received from France under the Indo-French Double Taxation Avoidance Convention, assessment proceedings have been completed in all 427 actionable HSBC bank account cases.

"In these cases, undisclosed income of about Rs 8,465 crore has been brought to tax on account of deposits made in the unreported foreign bank accounts. Out of the above mentioned 427 cases in which assessments have been completed, concealment penalty of about Rs 1,291 crore has been levied in 162 cases," the ministry said.

Food for Thought –

Why Political parties keep the names of tax thieves secret?
Reason is simple these same tax thieves donate money to political parties , this is reason political parties are not ready to come under Right to Information act as well as they do not share names of all the donors who donate money to political parties.

Hiding the names of black money holders, hiding the names of tax thieves directly and indirectly proves that government is not honest or few political leaders are not honest.

Confidentiality Cause – Do you think Indian government or which government must have added this clause?
Answer – Indian government, why foreign government will want to hide names of the corrupt people or tax thief’s

Germany even bought the stolen list of tax thieves and punished them

What happens in India, tax thieves get protection on the name of confidentiality clause?

Keep making black money, keep donating us and we will protect your names

You enjoy we enjoy Jai Ho Tax thieves

Reality views by sm

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