22 May 2019

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Review Game of Thrones Season 8 Final episode Why it failed become a flop season

Review Game of Thrones Season 8 Final episode  Why it failed become a flop season
Wednesday, 22 May, 2019

Game of Thrones season 1 to 7 I will give it star rating of 3.5 to 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Game of thrones season 8 star training not more than 2 stars, why I gave 2 stars only because of actors of Got otherwise zero stars , the actors gave everything from 1st season to last season.

To understand why Game of thrones season 8 flopped we just need to understand why game of thrones season 1 to 7 got rating of 4 stars.

What is the story of  Game of thrones?
An ancient story, a story which happened before the mythological stories of this world.

Before Season 8, Game of thrones was a realistic story, how the ancient men and females and king and queens behaved.

Before season 8 each and every character was developed and that way that character behaved.

Before season 8 in each and every episode we saw the murders , sex, incest ,religious power , how every character behaved and what happened with them and there were no concepts of modern world in which today we live.

Before season 8 Game of thrones was a wild ancient story where anything was possible and the writers wrote that without any fear , not only wrote the actors really put themselves into that character so much that they become alive on our television screens.

Got makers never thought that got will become no. 1 world show, no. 1 pirated show in the history.

When season 7 ended I thought HBO can easily make more than 10 seasons with rating of 4 star, and staying number 1 world show for next few years without compromising on story and its characters.

But I think HBO bosses or writers or someone on top thought that Game of Thrones is like sex filled porn show.

But they forgot that no sex show or porn show or xxx show has become world no. 1 show in the history.

Game of thrones is bigger than any porn show or xxx show.

Because of this, in game of thrones season 8 the characters started to behave like modern characters, they started to discuss cruelty, war child murders, sex is bad, and prostitution is bad.

Makers forgot to relate the seasons 1 to 7 with season 8
Queen of Dragons never become a Mad Queen, she took the revenge

For me who became Mad, Jon became the mad fearing that Queen of his heart may murder his sisters mainly Sansa Stark.

Jon in his heart knew that Sansa will never bow before mother of dragons she will die in war fighting with mother of dragons, even mother of dragons knew this and few times in few dialogues she gives that hint to Jon also.

But after watching the deadly war and supreme power of Queen, Jon becomes mad and he murders his queens.

Yes that is good plot.

Now what happens Dragon becomes intelligent and burns the throne a foolish idea and did not murder Jon.

Proper expected end was that, Dragon burns throne as well as Jon and dies with his mother.  Many times we hear the news that animal died when his owner died, this happens.

Another good end was that - Jon becomes mad and kills his queen, dragon saws this he becomes angry starts to burn everything and then commander Greg worm comes there and he murders Jon on the spot and gives death punishment to Torion in feet of anger.

But what happens in season 8 episode 6

1-Jon murders Queen.
2-Dragon tries to wake up his mom, was excellent shot, an emotional shot intelligent shot.
3-Problem - Dragon become intelligent and burns throne.
Jon is not the father of dragon, dragon knows only his mother, and he should have murdered Jon first and then burned the throne before dying with his mother.
4-Meeting to choose a King – Sansa insults uncle and uncle sits down.
A prisoner comes and he decides who will become king

The commander of queen is the only in charge and powerful person when queen dies and Torion and Jon both are in prison.

And comedy is that Commander who lost his love in the war waits for weeks for other lords to come and save both criminals.

Each army needs army chief, commander and king.
When king dies, army immediately chooses a king and normally commander becomes king or for time being he becomes the chief and later he chooses a king for himself and army.

What happens in game of thrones season 8 army chief waits for weeks for the arrival of lords.

Army chief does not murder the murderer of his queen who gave him respect and freedom.

Rules for army chief etc. everything is modern concept

In past seasons we saw that how everyone was behaving and taking a chance to take revenge without thinking about human bloodshed or murders of small kids.

But suddenly only Queen becomes Mad in reality she never become a mad , it was just excuse for the Jon to murder queen and prove his loyalty to stark family and save his sister Sansa because her father saved him and raised him like his Bastard son.

One more mistake - Sansa demands independence for her state and other lords did not demand independence nor oppose it

One more mistake – Powers of Bran – Sometimes Bran can see future and sometimes bran can see only past.

The needed to show that Bran becomes evil, fools everyone and becomes King.
From childhood Bran got nothing

Other option was Arya uses her magic and skills becomes Jaime murders Cersei and then surrenders before queen and murders queen and becomes a queen of throne.

Season 8 each and every episode the makers made the mistakes.

In one episode darkness was so much that I really did not understand what was happening.

Murder of Night King – We saw that Arya was trying to hide.
We saw the power of Night King, He always realizes in advance that human is near to him but now suddenly from somewhere without any planning Arya comes and murders him.

For the murder of night king, they should have shown few full episode on planning, how to trap Night King and How trained Arya becomes a member of Night King Army and then murders him

Many people, fans said that Jon should have become the king
From season 1 to season 7 look and study the character of Jon
Jon does not have what it takes to be a king.
Jon is a warrior, a loyal and honest person, he has no dreams as such whatever comes before him he takes it happily as he was raised like a Bastard child under the care of stark family for whom also loyalty and honesty matters most.
To understand this just see how the father of Sansa dies because of his honesty and loyalty.
But because of experience character of Sansa slowly keeps changing and starts to understand the politics of the kings and queens and in final episode also she shows her intelligence by spreading the information about Jon.
Sansa knew that brother Jon will murder his queen to save her as he is honest and loyal to stark family.

Season 8 is full of mistakes and tries to show the values of 21st century in an ancient story which happened before the happening of mythological stories of our world

The makers really forgot many things for examples I will mention few
1-What happens to Bank?
2-what happens to children of forest, who were they
3-Lord of light, was it a fake god or real god, he was a real god because his worshipper got the magical powers.
4-what happens to faceless men?

I think if I will start to write like this on each episode of season 8 I will end up writing one book

Makers just destroyed everything for Fans of Game of thrones by making Season 8 a great no.1 flop season.

Makers writers just forgot that that Game of thrones is a fantasy story

Same thing happen in a super hit serial Lost they also disappointed the fans in last season of Lost serial.

Photo – Dragon crying after the death of his mother

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