27 April 2019

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Read Text of Raj Thackeray Speech in English Given at Nashik

Read Text of Raj Thackeray Speech in English Given at Nashik
Maharashtra Navnirman Sena marked the end to the series of rallies, which were led by their chief Raj Thackeray, at Nashik

Below is the text, English translation of Marathi Speech given by Raj Thackeray at Nashik

Here is the translation of Speech

People vote and elect a government, political parties and leaders give you promises and after that you vote and elect them for five years.

It’s the responsibility and duty of the elected government to fulfill all the promises made by them to the people who voted and elected them.

People also expect that the elected government will fulfill their promises.

If elected government does not fulfill the promises made by them then what is the use of such elections.

If elected government is not going to fulfil the promises made by them then why should you stand in a line and vote?

Raj talks about what the demands needs and expectations of people of city and villages.
Gives examples like good school, playground, cinema hall, water electricity etc.

Gives the example of Nashik city when it was ruled by MNS.
He gives the name of big corporates like Tata, Reliance who gave funds towards development of Nashik City.

MNS fulfilled all the promises and Raj shows, tells the achievements of MNS which it did in the Nashik City in five years.
What MNS did in 5 years other parties failed to that in cities where they control the city.
Gives many examples I am here mentioning just few names.
1-Build internal roads 510 km
2-abb circle
3-Goda Park
4-botanical garden
5-Laser show
6-solved problem of waste
7-water storage tanks.
8-solved the water problem, Nashik won’t face water problem for next 40 years
9-smart Nashik app

Felt bad when lost elections in Nashik.
I never told you anything to win the votes, I never gave speech, promises like this
Then shows the video of Devendra Fadnavis

In a video Devendra Fadnavis says following –
No one is there to look after Nashik
Many people say that we trusted many leaders but they gave nothing to us, that is people of Nashik
I came here to request you to please trust me once if you want today I will announce that I am adopting the Nashik city.

Video ends.

Now Raj asks the question what this father [Devendra Fadnavis] did?

Name of the Nashik city was included in the smart city and what they are showing as part of smart city?
They are only showing the work done by the MNS on the name of smart city development.
As a proof shows the new paper articles which were written and publish by the newspapers of Nashik

On which points we should give marks to this BJP government, once we need to know that

Narendra Modi when came to Nashik he said when BJP government will come into power they will bring new policies and that will bring good days for the onion farmers, BJP government will give good price for Onions.

They lie so much there is no limit for their lies.

2 years ago Devendra Fadnavis said that their government built 1 lakh 20 thousand wells in Maharashtra.

In Maharashtra state BJP government declared 28,000 or 29,000 villages as drought facing villages.

Then where does all the money went?

Proof – Shows the video
How females in villages go deep inside wells to get just one bucket water.
We fear but we do not have any option.

This is the story of Maharashtra villages.

I criticized the Congress government in past more than BJP.
Raj talks about Rs.70000 Crore Irrigation scam
In last 4.5 years he asks the question what happened, what action was taken by the BJP government.

Now government should tell us corruption of Rs. 70000 crore happened or not or was that just politics.

If BJP Shivsena government had done work regarding irrigation then how come 28,000 villages got declared as draught facing?

Where did the BJP spend the funds?

Shows the video of Narendra Modi –
Raj says listen what Modi said –
Now look once BJP government gets formed in Maharashtra we will change all polices
Delhi and Maharashtra government will work together to solve all problems of Onion farmers.

When I was travelling I met the Onion Farmers they told me our Onions got wasted.

Prime Minister, Chief Minister Visit you, give you promises and on that promises you give votes.
Then what you get?
Onion become Rs. 1 or Rs. 2 Kilo
Now shows the video
Says look what farmer from Maharashtra is saying
Farmer says currently onion price is Rs. 1 or Rs. 2 kilo
Farmers distributed onions free of cost to people.

Raj says when farmer was growing onion, he must have seen few dreams, must have thought what he will do with that money?
But all his dreams got shattered

On the eve of elections they will come to you and say you I will adopt the village and once elections are over the father will run away.

[Once elections are over they will forget you and forget all promises.]

In this current period of BJP and Shivsena government 14,000 farmers committed suicide.

Shows the newspaper article - photo showing area wise in which district how many farmers committed suicide

Raj says the life of farmer got destroyed, marriages got broken, and kids of farmers are not able to continue education

Raj reads the statements made by the BJP leaders.

1- BJP MP Sanjay Dhotre – “Let these farmers fend for themselves. If crops fail, they will figure out what to do. And if they dying, let them die,”

2-Nitin Gadakari – Farmer should not live on the trust of government or God. Farmer should not live his life depending on Government of God.

3- Chandrakant Patil – don’t shout, don’t increase your voice, government don’t have Machin to print notes.

4-Madhav Bhandari – Even if Farmers go on strike nothing will happen

5- Eknath Khadse said if farmers have money to pay their mobile phone bills, why are they reluctant to clear their electricity dues.

6- Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh – farmers commit suicide because of drugs and impotency

7- Maharashtra BJP president Raosaheb Danve said “Even after the state has bought so much tur, they (farmers) have not stopped crying.”  “Farmers are complaining, even though the state has procured large quantities of tur dal produce”

8- Haryana agriculture minister and BJP leader Om Prakash Dhankar said farmers who commit suicide are cowards and criminals not worthy of help from the government.

9- BJP MP from Mumbai, Gopal Shetty has said that it has become a “fashion” for farmers to commit suicides.

When kids see the troubled life of farmer father, they decide that they will not take the profession of farming, they will come to city and do a job, and they see such dreams.

And Narendra Modi showed them such dreams only.

Remember what BJP said before the elections of 2014
We will bring good days in India
Every year we will give 2 crore job will be given to unemployed youth of India.
In 5 years nearly 10 crore unemployed people should have got job.

One day PM Narendra Modi decided something, he does not ask anyone he just declared Note Ban.

Remember the days when notes got banned, we got notes in hands but all were useless and what to do with them

And In this 100 to 115 people died while exchanging notes in banks.

Shows the video, what the situation was when people were standing in line to exchange the notes

Video shows one guard beating mercilessly to poor people who were there to exchange notes.

New notes were not suitable for the ATM

In past Narendra Modi opposed the GST when congress wanted to bring GST and when come into power brought GST.

Because of Note Ban and GST nearly 5 crore people lost their jobs.

You promised the job before elections but what you did people lost jobs.

Government is hiding actual figures. BJP hid all statistics from the citizens of this country.

BJP government is controlling, hiding everything.

Regarding Note Ban Senior Advocate Kapil Sibbal took a presser
Majority television channels did not show that presser

Just think if this is true then how much we got fooled

BJP has no answer to Kapil Sibal's presser. Why hasn't BJP dared to file a complaint against him?"

Raj reads out the one paragraph from the presser –
Please listen carefully and understand
Before the note ban, Rs. 2000 notes got printed outside India. Using Air Force plane notes were brought to India, through the medium of RBI, those notes got exchanged with the old notes through private parties and deals.

On this RAW and RBI officers were working in secretly on this project.
Total Rs.3 Lakh Crore got exchanged
Reads the names of people and banks where notes got exchanged.

Raj says when you go to home, do check the YouTube as presser and videos everything is available there

What was the reason to ban notes?

HAL was supposed to get the Rafale deal but Anil Ambani got that contract
He got the contract because he is the friend of Modi.

Air India is facing problems.

Big company like Jet Airways has shut. Because of this 50,000 people are suffering.
Like this many companies got shut down, but information is kept hidden from you.

Regarding number of Rapes information and figures are available only up to 2016, nearly 39,000 rapes happened no figures are available after 2016.

Majority newspapers and television channels are controlled by government, they are not allowed to say anything.

Females are not safe.

Students are struggling to get admission in their desired institutes

How should we measure the performance of this BJP government?

Narendra Modi said that I have only asked for 50 days.  After that, if any fault is found in my intentions or my actions, I am willing to suffer any punishment given by the country
If note ban fails I am ready to face any punishment.

Note ban failed now ask Narendra Modi

What was the need Modi lied?

After Rajiv Gandhi, Narendra Modi got majority, with majority nothing was impossible to achieve, what wonders one would have done

Many Indian businessmen took crores of Rupees from banks and ran away abroad under Modi Government. Today Modi does not speak about this.

Modi is not ready to speak about Note Ban

Modi is not ready to speak on promises he gave to farmers.

Modi is not ready to speak regarding females and rapes.

Modi is not ready to speak on unemployment

Modi is not ready to speak on India Shining, Startup India, and Clean Ganga Project, Clean India Project.

He is not ready to talk about the promises and dreams which he showed to Indians.

He is asking you to vote for BJP on the name of Indian Soldiers who died and an air force attack

Raj gives the example of BJP IT Cell how they are publishing fake news.

BJP Modi told you they will bring black money from abroad and each Indian will be given Rs. 15 Lakh as gift.

Shows the video of Narendra Modi talking about how black money will brought from abroad and it will be given as gift.

Shows the video of Amit Shah saying Rs. 15 Lakh was a zumala , no one gets cash everyone knows this , this is a style of giving address speech.

Raj says are you fooling us, they fooled everyone.

Before elections they spoke about the corruption done by Gandhi Family and they said that once BJP comes into power they will put them behind bars.
Many BJP leaders said once they come into power they will put Robert Vadra in Jail.

Shows the video of Amit Shah –
One man asked the question to Amit Shah, before 2014 elections BJP said we will put Robert Vadra in jail, now 4.5 years passed still Vadra is not in Jail
Why he is not in Jail?

Amit Shah says answers we never said we will put Robert Vadra in Jail
We said that we will put criminal’s corrupt people in jail.
We said that Robert has done rampant corruption.

In congress period in 2G scam A Raja and others went to Jail but under BJP government they all got released.

Raj talks about Murders and beatings of Dalit’s and Muslims on the name of cow protection

Shows the Video of UNA Gujarat where few dailt men were beaten and paraded naked.

On the name of Cow Protection nearly 40 or 50 people got murdered in India.
On this Narendra Modi never spoke and never said a single word.

Shows the video of Narendra Modi talking regarding Cow Murders
In Video Modi says that my many Jain friends are in the business of Cow, Beef.

Raj explains that those friends are in the business of beef export.

Then why 40 or 50 people got murdered and what action was taken on the criminals.

When this was happening why Modi was silent

Remember they will divide you on the name of caste, they will tell Maratha people you will get reservation , you will get jobs, they will say same to Dalit people and people will start to fight with each other and this will benefit to them they will profit from that in the time of elections.

They will play the game of caste politics.

Once elections are over and after 2 hours if you die it will not affect them

These people do not care about you.

We gave the power to BJP because we thought Congress was bad but in reality now we know that BJP is worse, very bad compared to Congress.

Now on the name of arm forces, air force you are asking for votes.

I do not remember Atalji ever asked the votes on the name of Kargil war.
Atal ji never asked that.

But Modi BJP do not have anything to show that is reason they are asking votes on the name of arm forces, air force and caste

Shows the video of Narendra Modi
In video Narendra Modi says that if farmer dies it is topic of elections and if soldier dies it is not the topic of elections how is it possible?

Raj says they are asking votes on the name of 40 Jawans who died.
But no one cares for the families of that Jawans.

Shows the video of Narendra Modi asking for votes.

In Video Modi says following –
Your First Vote will it go to air strike which was carried out in Pakistan.
I want to tell first time voters that in Pulwama the soldiers who died, does your vote will go to them
Raj says they are asking votes on the name of Jawans, but see the reality what are their views regarding Jawans in their heart.

Shows the Video of Narendra Modi
In this video Narendra Modi says that the businessman shows more courage than army soldier.

Raj says that these are the thoughts of Prime Minister regarding Soldiers Jawans.

They do not care about Soldiers or Police Officers.

Now Raj talks about Pragya Thakur said that Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad chief Hemant Karkare died because of her curse.
Pakistani terrorist killed Karkare and others, they gave their life for India.
She insulted the Maharashtra Police Officers even after this
But BJP gave her Lok Sabha ticket from Bhopal and very sad thing is that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah both are supporting Pragya Thakur.
If same thing was done by other than today these same television channels would have made it national issue but now there is just a small news regarding this on television channels.

Majority journalist are not allowed to express their views or write about it

Please remember friends this election is very important

In year 1931-32 what Adolf Hitler did in Germany same is happening in India.
Everything is under Government control
Supreme Court must listen and obey to government
Election commission must listen to government
CBI and RBI should listen and obey to BJP government
No government agency should work freely independently.
Television channels must listen to government if they do not listen or obey then owners of television channels face the wrath of CBI or ED, register cases against them.

Tells the Journalist that if BJP again comes into the power then you will see the incidents but you won’t be able to write about that.

What Hitler did in Germany same things are happening now in India?
Propaganda movies were made in Germany and same way in India Padman, SuiDhaga and toilet ek prem katha movies were made which promoted government schemes and views.

Narendra Modi does not give any answers to Journalist.
Modi is the first Prime Minister of India who did not take any press conference.
He do not answer to Journalist, he will never answer you

Who are you, they think that they will throw money and you will vote for them.

Who are you for them?
You are the people whom they can buy

This election will decide in this country Democracy will stay or dictatorial government will come.

On 29th April you have to decide about that.

See that Narendra Modi and Amit Shah does not come into power again.

I am not contesting elections.

In the interest of India and Indian People I am telling you all this.

This time do not get fooled, if they pay you money accept that money but do not vote for them.
Until now they looted you now you loot them and kick them.

Jai Hind Jai Maharashtra

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