24 August 2018

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Court Rules ISPs not to handover personal info to copyright trolls

Court Rules ISPs not to handover personal info to copyright trolls

Denmark -

Telenor and Telia were ordered to hand over information to copyright trolls , after that both ISPs filed a appeal in High court to protect the information and privacy of customers and both 
ISPs won the case in High Court in May and now Supreme Court said that it will  not hear the case this means that the judgment given by the High Court is final now and copyright trolls wont get any information from ISP to black mail the internet users.

After receiving demands to expose tens of thousands of their subscribers’ identities, ISP Telenor grew tired of the demands, with the company’s legal director framing the problem as a battle between the security of the public and law firms’ commercial interests.
Telenor, with the assistance of rival ISP Telia, prepared a case to protect their customers. Last October, however, the District Court ruled against the ISPs, ordering them to provide identities of alleged pirates to the copyright trolls.

Refusing to accept the setback, the providers took their case to the Østre Landsret, one of Denmark’s two High Courts. In May that effort paid off, with a resounding victory for the ISPs. The win meant that the personal details of individuals behind approximately 4,000 IP addresses targeted by troll outfit Copyright Collection Ltd (via law firm Njord Law) would remain private.
The court in a statement said that “In its order based on telecommunications legislation, the Court has weighed subscribers’ rights to confidentiality of information regarding their use of the Internet against the interests of rightsholders to obtain information for the purpose of prosecuting claims against the subscribers,”
“The telecommunications companies are therefore not required to disclose the names and addresses of their subscribers.”

Telenor Denmark’s Legal Director, Mette Eistrøm Krüger,told to media that “Both personally and on behalf of our customers, I am really glad that we are being strictly ruled by the National Court’s decision, and we once again find that logging data should only be handed over to the police to combat serious crime,”
Krüger described the decision not to take the case to the Supreme Court has a victory for customers’ legal certainty, with citizens’ right to privacy trumping the copyright trolls’ commercial interests.

If disclosure is to be granted in future, online offenses will have to be shown to be serious enough to get the police involved, something that appears to rule out most copyright trolling efforts.

How Copyright trolls work?
Copyright trolls find the Ip address of the internet user who has accessed the pirated movies or music which is available on internet , after that this Copyright trolls file a case , suit in the court and get the order from the court directing Internet provider company to hand over the personal information of that IP Address user , once they get name , address and personal details they sent the notices to internet user and threaten them with civil and criminal cases and make them pay thousands of dollars for accessing or watching or downloading pirated content.  Majority people pay money to these copyright trolls fearing court case and fearing society , what friends will say ? What neighbors will say ?

Many times these copy right trolls upload the movies on site and gather information of IP address.

But now in Denmark Internet provider companies will not hand over any information of internet user to these copy right trolls, meaning business of copyright trolls is finished in Denmark.

Only in a serious cases internet providers should give information to high level rank police officers when they get the warrant from the court. This is  a right approach which every nation needs to follow and upheld.

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Friday,August 24,2018

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