26 August 2018

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Does India needs to stop export of petrol and diesel at price of Rs. 34 and Rs. 37

Does India needs to stop export of petrol and diesel at price of Rs. 34 and Rs. 37

RTI reveals BJP govt exports petrol and Diesel at price of Rs. 34 and Rs. 37

India is one of largest importers of crude oil but it is also one of the largest exporters of refined oil
Refined Petroleum is the among the top two exports of India. Our country is the 10th largest exporter of refined petroleum in the world. India exports refined petroleum to the USA, UK, Australia as well as oil-producing countries like Iraq and UAE. During 2017, India exported refined oil worth $24.1 billion. Its share in the world market stood at 3.9%.
BJP government makes more profits from selling petrol and diesel to indian citizens compared when we compare it when same petrol and diesel is sold to foreign countries.
Right to information application has revealed that India is exporting refined petrol to 15 nations at Rs 34 per liter while refined diesel is exported to 29 countries at Rs 37 per liter

RTI activist from Punjab, Rohit Sabrawa filed the application asking for the information.
As per the RTI reply from Govt owned Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited, between January 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018, it exported refined petroleum products (Petrol/Diesel) to five countries-Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore and UAE.

The export price of petrol varied between Rs 32 to 34 per liter, diesel was exported Rs 34 to 36 per liter depending on the destination. While the price of petrol during this period hovered between Rs 69.97 to Rs 75.55 per liter and diesel was Rs 59.70 to 67.38 per liter.

If Indian companies can sell petrol and diesel at very low cost to foreign countries and BJP government does not tax the export of petrol and diesel clearly shows and proves that Indian government does not need to tax Indian consumers of petrol and diesel.

Tax more and more to Indian citizens and no tax or little tax when same oil is sold to other nations.

The price of domestic refined oil is higher than the export price largely due to more than 100% tax rate by the Center and the States

A complete foolish policy on the part of BJP government regarding selling of oil very cheaply to foreign nations.

Yes India , BJP government needs to ban the export of petrol and diesel to other nations.

If want to sell export then price must be similar what indian citizens pay for petrol and diesel.

If BJP government thinks India got  more oil surplus oil , then save that oil for future use no need to sell extra petrol and diesel cheaply without making any profits or little bit profits to other nations.

Conclusion = Yes India needs to ban the export of petrol and diesel or increase the price or save that extra oil for the future use.

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Sunday,August 26, 2018

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