14 May 2018

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RTI reveals BJP Modi Government spent over Rs. 4300 Crore on Publicity

RTI reveals BJP Modi Government spent over Rs. 4300 Crore on Publicity
 Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spent only Rs. 5000 Crore on publicity in his 10 years of government period.

4 years BJP Modi government spent Rs. 4300 Crore

Mumbai-based RTI activist Anil Galgali had sought details from the Centre’s Bureau of Outreach and Communication (BOC) on all expenditure on advertisement and publicity in all media since the present government assumed office.

According to RTI replies The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has so far spent Rs 4,343.26 crore on advertisements and publicity through different media
As per the replies, from June 2014 to March 2015, the government spent Rs 424.85 crore in print publicity, Rs 448.97 crore on electronic media and Rs 79.72 crore on outdoor publicity, totaling to Rs 953.54 crore.

In the next year 2015-16, the spending increased substantially for all media. These included, Rs 510.69 crore on print media, Rs 541.99 crore on electronic media and Rs 118.43 crore on outdoor publicity, or a total of Rs 1,171.11 crore.

In 2016-17, the expenditure incurred on print medium dropped (yet higher than the first year June 2014-March 2015), to Rs 463.38 crore, but for the electronic medium it increased over the previous year to Rs 613.78 crore, and rose to Rs 185.99 crore on outdoor publicity, totaling to Rs 1,263.15 crore.

The RTI replies also said that between April-December 2017 (nine-month period), the government spent Rs 333.23 crore on the print medium alone, with the total figure of last fiscal (April 2017-March 2018) coming to Rs 955.46 crore.

It is very sad thing that Government of India needs to spend money on publicity like a Bollywood movie, or Bollywood movie star.
India needs a law which will prohibit government of India on spending on publicity every government department should have a website and it should update its activities everyday, any Indian who is interested he will go to that that concern office department website and he will get that information. Indian needs to ban the government publicity expenses when there is no water for villages, children die because of malnutrition, when government has no money for scholarships in such a state of nation India needs to ban the government expenditure on publicity from top to bottom.

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Monday, May 14,2018

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