09 May 2018

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BJP Government may remove drug price control policy Trump Will be Happy

BJP Government may remove drug price control policy Trump Will be Happy

Today in India we Indian citizens are enjoying affordable drugs, medicines only because of Supreme court of India orders and instructions.

Just like Compulsory Aadhaar BJP government brought the Niti Aayog who ran the lottery system in past regarding digital payments.

Currently our Indian medicine drug policy is excellent , the drug prices are controlled properly and maintained properly.

The above policy hurts the multinationals even american government and they always try to see that Indian government removes the drug control policy which is excellent policy.

Indian Express reported “The Central government is likely to form a ‘Standing Committee on Affordable Medicines and Health Products’, which will consist of its officials only. This committee may be given the powers to exempt certain drugs from price control through amended DPCO,”

Now Niti Aayog gave following proposals to BJP government which will surely make multinational companies, American government and President Trump Administration happy.

1-If a drug molecule has seen a price reduction of less than 10 per cent under the current price “control methodology”, the Central government should exempt it from price control
If the proposal is accepted by the Centre, around 40 per cent of the drugs that are currently under price control would go out of it.

Reality views – Sorry We do not trust Indian politicians, they can take bribes and do anything in parliament, Government should never get such powers regarding drug control.

2-Niti Aayog has also proposed that the Central government should have powers to exempt any drug from price control if there is “sufficient competition” in the market. However, it has not defined “sufficient competition” in its proposal.

Reality views – Who will decide there is sufficient competition and also what if medicine companies form a hidden group and fool the government agencies.
We Indians should never trust companies, even government of India does not trust Indian citizens that is the reason Aadhaar is compulsory.

Hope PM Narendra Modi will not accept such proposals if accept in future we will read headlines that the patient died as family members failed to buy medicines for the patient because of high cost.

For suggesting such proposal PM Narendra Modi should fire the committee members who are giving such ideas which will favor medicine companies, which will make President Trump very happy and which will make Indian consumers to pay more for drugs.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

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