09 May 2018

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Historic Judgment Danish ISP will not hand over customer data to copyright trolls

Historic Judgment Danish ISP will not hand over customer data to copyright trolls
File-sharers all across Europe have been threatened with lawsuits, if they don’t pay a significant settlement fee for watching freely online movies or downloading movies, it is becoming a norm ISPs receive thousands of requests and they end up giving all details of customers to copy right troll companies.

Who are copyright trolls?
A copyright troll is a party (person or company) that enforces copyrights it owns for purposes of making money through litigation, in a manner considered unduly aggressive or opportunistic, generally without producing or licensing the works it owns for paid distribution.

Copyright trolls just behave like Mafia Dons, they sent threatening letters to individuals, pressurize them so much that they end up paying lots of money to copy right company holders or someone else for watching a single adult movie free of cost online or any other normal movie which is easily available to see freely online.

now a days gaming copyright trolls are also doing same where mothers of teenagers are threatened by such copyright trolls and even they file the cases in the court of law to blackmail them by telling them what will happen to their minor kid,his future etc.

These copyright trolls get permission from the courts to get the details of persons from internet providers using IP Address and after that they start to send letters demanding huge amount of money because of fear of jail, defamation in society majority people end up paying money to these copy right troll companies or their clients.

The copy right trolls groups approaches independent film producers and offers to collect money from people who are illegally downloading their movies on BitTorrent. Then copy right troll companies file Predatory lawsuits implicating thousands of unnamed John Does, subpoenas their identities from the ISP's, and then sues the individuals themselves. Once the user's identity is known copyright troll companies threatens a judgment of up to $150,000 per downloaded movie — the maximum penalty allowable by law in copyright suits, in many cases they even do not have any evidence they just got the IP address of the customer, using legal tricks and using fear of individuals they make profits.

Copy right troll companies claims damages of up to $150,000 under the Copyright Act's statutory damages provisions, seeks the target's domain name and uses these threats to attempt to push defendants into a quick settlement.  Majority cases these copy right companies lose the case in court of law which is not widely reported by the media.

Danish Court gives landmark Judgement Historic One

But now Danish Court gave landmark verdict which America including every nation, India needs to follow.

Two Danish ISPs Telenor and Telia argued that IP Address logs should only be used in serious criminal cases. In a ruling handed down Monday, one of Denmark's highest courts agreed, stopping the copyright trolls in their tracks.

Thus both ISPs won their long-running battle to prevent the identities of alleged pirates being handed over to copyright trolls. With the trolls' activities being described as "mafia-like"

Last year the companies lost their battle in district court but both companies were determined and they appealed  to the Østre Landsret, one of Denmark’s two High Courts. Yesterday their determination paid off with a resounding victory for the ISPs and security for the individuals behind approximately 4,000 IP addresses targeted by Copyright Collection Ltd via law firm Njord Law.

In a statement court said that “In its order based on telecommunications legislation, the Court has weighed subscribers’ rights to confidentiality of information regarding their use of the Internet against the interests of rightsholders to obtain information for the purpose of prosecuting claims against the subscribers,”

The highest court said that The rights of the copyright holders do not trump the individuals right to privacy The telecommunications companies are therefore not required to disclose the names and addresses of their subscribers

Telenor in a statement said that “At Telenor we protect our customers’ data and trust – therefore it has been our conviction that we cannot be forced into almost automatically submitting personal data on our customers simply to support some private actors who are driven by commercial interests.”

“Therefore, anyone and everybody cannot claim our data. We are pleased that throughout the process we have determined that we will not hand over our data to anyone other than the police with a court order,”

Telenor said it does not support illegal file-sharing “in any way” and is actively working with anti-piracy outfit Rights Alliance to prevent unauthorized downloading of movies and other content. We and other Danish telecom companies are required to log customer data for the police to fight serious crime and terrorism.

Telenor's Legal Director, Mette Eistrøm Krüger said The logging is already widely discussed, and we still need clarification of the Danish legal situation. In Norway, a court has already considered that disclosure of data is not reasonable, and in Sweden the logging has largely stopped.

Now a days many nations including USA,UK, ISPs  handover customer data to copy right trolls , they do not stand or fight for the customers rights or their privacy

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

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