23 March 2018

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Know six demands of Anna Hazare from PM Modi Anna on fast unto death

Know six demands of Anna Hazare from PM Modi Anna on fast unto death

Anna Hazare on fast What Anna Wants from PM Narendra Modi and BJP government.

On Friday 80 Years old  Social activist Anna Hazare will start his  indefinite fast to bring about a competent Lokpal and ensure fair prices for farmers.

What are the demands of Anna Hazare?

Resolution of farmers’ issues, lokpal and electoral reforms are the key demands of Anna Hazare
Following are the demands of Anna Hazare

1- Lokpal – Strong Lokpal implementation of the lokpal bill as signed by the then President on Jan 1, 2014,

2-removal of two amendments that weaken the Lokpal  bill and lokayuktas in all states.

3-rights to reject and recall for voters and a candidate’s photo as the election symbol to help the illiterate.

4- Farmers should get 1.5 times the input cost of their produce,

5- Farmer Pension  - those above 60 years whose only source of income is farming should get a monthly pension of Rs 5,000

6- Krishi Mulya Ayog should get a constitutional status and autonomy,”

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Friday,March 23, 2018

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rudraprayaga March 24, 2018  

The demands are genuine.But the govt. has to increase the tax to find revenue.

Renu March 28, 2018  

Anna hazaare has become irrelevant now.