25 March 2018

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Lokpal Bill Anna Hazare Loses 2 kilo weight fast unto death

Lokpal Bill Anna Hazare Loses 2 kilo weight fast unto death
Anna Hazare has once again started fast unto death for the strong Lokpal and other demands.

On 2nd day of his fast Anna lost more than 2 KG of weight and doctors also found his
blood pressure fluctuating.

Doctors advised Anna to take rest.

Jaikant Mishra, who is a member of Anna's core team told to media that "Anna has been advised to take rest, but he is fine now. Our fight against corruption will continue with full force; we are expecting an increased head count from Sunday,"

Currently No political party is interested in Lokpal, strong Lokpal.

Congress party got one chance to increase their chance of winning in 2019 if they support Anna from outside directly and indirectly.

A golden opportunity for Rahul Gandhi to lead Congress on a good path, the path which was shown by great honorable Ex. Prime Minister Nehru showed to India.

Before starting once again fast unto death Anna Hazare wrote 43 letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, still he has not appointed Lokpal.  Prime Minister Modi did not even answer his letters.

Not supporting Anna Hazare clearly shows that you support corruption and you wish India to stay a corrupt nation.
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Sunday, March 25, 2018

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sukumar March 25, 2018  

Annaji who foots your bill for Chartared Plane for coming to Delhi to fight against corruption ?

SM March 27, 2018  

talk about lokpal bill not about useless points. RG paid or NM paid or RSS it does not matter.
Matters Lokpal who will catch corrupt politicians.