23 March 2018

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Anna Hazare to go on fast unto death for Lokpal Support Anna BJP Failed

Anna Hazare to go on fast unto death for Lokpal Support Anna BJP Failed
Only corrupt  people and politicians  fear the Janlokpal or Toothless Lokpal

80 Years old  Social activist Anna Hazare will start his  indefinite fast to bring about a competent Lokpal and ensure fair prices for farmers.

The venue of his protest will be the same iconic Ram Lila Maidan, where he had sat on a hunger strike in 2011 demanding constitution of a Jan Lokpal to investigate cases of corruption.

Anna Hazare will leave for Rajghat from Maharashtra Sadan on Friday morning. After paying respects to the Father of the Nation, Hazare will visit Shahidi Park where he will pay tributes to martyrs. He will then leave for Ramlila Maidan in the capital where he will start his campaign,”

From Friday noon, Anna Hazare  will sit for another indefinite hunger strike for the Lokpal for the benefit of Indian citizens.

Hazare’s supporters told reporters in Ahmednagar that the 6,000-plus people who have vowed to participate in his new agitation have given undertakings that they would not join politics

The core team of 20 members have been drawn from Maharashtra, Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Orissa and other places. Apart from professionals Hazare’s team also comprise of ex-servicemen

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress party lost the elections in 2014 and today also congress is losing elections only because Congress ignored Anna Hazare.

Now let us see Congress has learned any lessons are not, Rahul Gandhi should support openly Anna Hazare, even support for Janlokpal Bill the best proposed law for the citizens of India.

Arvind Kejriwal forgot the Janlokpal bill and the promises he made when AK was with Anna Hazare, Today AK is CM only because of Anna Hazare.

Few people say that Anna is an agent of BJP just do not think about it

Demand of Anna is strong Lokpal bill and is a right demand so support Anna it does not matter Anna likes BJP or not, Anna is an agent of BJP nothing is important.

Important is Janlokpal Bill, strong Lokpal,

Four  Years PM Modi has not appointed a Lokpal this only proves that how politicians fear the Lok Pal.

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Friday,March 23, 2018

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rudraprayaga March 24, 2018  

They should have kept word. They shouldn't have pulled him to fast.