21 October 2017

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Explained Why BJP wants Mersel to be censored dialogues Muted

Explained Why BJP wants Mersel to be censored dialogues Muted

Mersal (English: Zapped) is 2017 Indian Tamil-language film directed by Atlee and co-written by Atlee, K. V. Vijayendra Prasad, and S. Ramana Girivasan (dialogue).

The film stars Vijay in triple roles with Samantha, Nithya Menon, and Kajal Aggarwal playing the female-lead roles.

Without any problems, Censor Board certified the movie Mersel.

But BJP did not like the Criticism, dialogues referring to GST explaining that we got GST but Indians get nothing compared to GST Rates.

Below are the dialogues written in English which angered BJP

Solid Acting and Dialogues by Vijay He needs to release his movies in Hindi also

Below are the dialogues translated in English

Vijay –
1-People paying 7% GST in Singapore and getting free medical care but government of India is taking 28% GST from people. Why Government cannot provide Free Medical Care?
2-For medicine we pay 12% tax But No GST on liquor Alcohol
3-Government Hospitals in India did not have oxygen cyclinders
Curious to know what is the reason for not having oxygen?
For 2 years’ government hospital did not have the money to pay to the oxygen supplier

4-In another government hospital during the medical dialysis, there was power outage four people died. Shamelessly they did not have power supply backup. Baby kept in incubator died of Rat Bite
5-People fear government hospitals more than diseases because of this fear Private Hospitals benefit

Sir are you trying to justify the murder? What I did was not murder?
It is cleaning process of corrupt medical system

Explaining each dialogue which clearly says truth exposes Indian corrupt system

Now fact is that in Singapore it’s not totally free, but still it is less than India, and majority times rich people from India also go to Singapore for treatment this clearly shows that medical facilities in Singapore are more good or as good as 5 star hospitals from India.

2-Dialogue is right as there is no GST on Alcohol

3-No oxygen, he talks about Gorakhpur case which happened

4- Yes, it’s true it happens

5- Yes, it’s true happens

Nothing is wrong in this movie, Movie deserves to win few award even it should be considered for national award or Oscar Awards

Excellent movie 5-star movie, Movie will be in top 3 in top movies of 2017

All the above great dialogues BJP did not like and BJP wants the dialogues to be muted

Now my own fear is that Superstar Vijay and his friends, chartered accountants may have to face ED or CBI raids in near future.

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

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