24 October 2017

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Why to support November 8 as a black day Scam Day

Why to support November 8 as a black day Scam Day

The group of 18 opposition parties has been standing together against the government and formed the seven-member coordination committee comprising leaders of the Congress, TMC, SP, BSP, DMK, the Left and the breakaway JD-U faction

Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha that is Upper House Ghulam Nabi Azad said, "This particular announcement made on November 8 is the scam of the century, which is why we are observing this as Black Day."
"One can say this is a scam of the century. Eighteen political parties have decided to hold protests in every state in their capacity against the government's decision which caused hardship to the people. Never ever in the world people have died because of a government policy," Azad said.

He described the note-ban decision as the NDA government's "most ill-conceived and hasty decision"

Do I support it as a black day?
Why Demonetization failed?

Yes, demonetization failed 100%
Note ban just became note exchange program
Give two notes of Rs. 1000 and take One note of Rs. 2000
Give 4 notes of Rs. 500 and take one note of Rs. 2000

RBI received 99% currency notes after exchange.
RBI did not find fake currency notes after note exchange program.

Result Government failed to find black money.
Automatically black money got converted into white money.
And this became biggest scam of the century.

PM Modi showed courage but he made mistake he brought currency note of Rs. 2000.

Now people can hide more black money using Rs. 2000 currency note.

Hope before 2019 PM Modi will ban Rs. 2000 and Rs. 500 Currency notes.
After that he should again start note exchange program with recording without any time limit for note exchange this way Income Tax department will get chance to check every person thoroughly and they will get chance to arrest every person on the spot who will bring more money than earned in bank for exchange.

Rs. 2000 currency note means encouragement for corruption.
Rs. 500 Currency note means encouragement for corruption.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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