05 November 2016

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US 2016 Elections Who Will Be US President Hillary or Trump?

US 2016 Elections Who Will Be US President Hillary or Trump?

US citizens will go on to vote on November 8, 2016 to elect the President of US, their servant or representative.

As per many Election surveys they reported that Hillary Clinton will become the President of US by winning elections.

As per my own understanding and belief Donald Trump is going to become the President of US by defeating Hillary Clinton.

Email Scandal and FBI probe
Hillary very well knows and understand the laws but still she operated from home showing how intelligence she is and her management skills regarding US Security Data.

If Hillary becomes President of US what change will happen?
Nothing will change, Hillary will carry forward the agenda started by the President Obama.

On the other hand side here is Donald Trump for whom only success matters and for that success he knows how to utilize the loopholes provided given by the American system.
Example – Bankruptcy Laws

Many females said this and that about Donald Trump but real question is why they did not file a police complaint against him in past and why now only they came out.

Regarding his statements so what he felt he said, he opened his heart and his thinking but he will not be able to change the First amendment of US and US supreme Court is capable to strike out the laws which are not legal, unconstitutional as per US Constitution.

Donald Trump is outsider he does not belong to political family Donald Trump is a pure hardcore businessman.

In Indian language we can simply say that statements made by the Trump were just Zoomaly
He is and was doing zoomlaybazi, I will do that in reality nothing happens no one gets nothing happens old program keeps running.

On simple reasoning like this one will vote for the Donald Trump.

This is reason I think Donald Trump is going to win the elections and going to become the US President.

Before the Email server scam or scandal I supported Hillary fully but after that my vote will go to Trump.

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

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Destination Infinity November 06, 2016  

I don't know if this can actually be called a scandal until it is determined that the emails sent from her using her private server caused some sort of damage to the Gov. I wish Hillary wins, but I should declare that am not in the U.S.

Destination Infinity

SM November 07, 2016  

@Destination Infinity
Illegal activity remains illegal even it did not cause any damage to security of nation.