04 November 2016

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Crack in Earth’s Magnetic Shield Detected

Crack in Earth’s Magnetic Shield Detected

What is the importance of Earth’s Magnetic Shield?
In short Magnetic Shield protects animals and humans from harmful radiation, charged particles and meteorites and causes the spectacular Northern Lights.

The GRAPES-3 muon telescope, at TIFR's Cosmic Ray Laboratory in Ooty, in India, recorded a burst of galactic cosmic rays of about 20 GeV, on 22 June 2015, lasting for two hours.
A study published in Physical Review Letters has revealed the extent of the high-intensity event for the first time.

The burst occurred when a giant cloud of plasma ejected from the solar corona, struck our planet at a speed of about 1.55 million miles (2.5 million kilometres) per hour.

on 22 June, 2015, particles from a giant cloud of fast-moving plasma penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere. The particles, which originated from the surface of the Sun, were moving at about 2.5 million kilometres per hour when they struck our planet’s atmosphere.

The magnetic field bent these particles about 180 degrees, where they were detected as a burst by the GRAPES-3 muon telescope around mid-night on 22 June 2015.

This high-speed strike caused the Earth’s magnetosphere – the area containing the planet’s magnetic field – to shrink from 11 times to four times the Earth’s radius. The charged particles in Earth’s magnetosphere usually deflect solar winds which would otherwise bring harmful ultraviolet radiation to the Earth’s surface.

Analysis carried out by researchers working on the GRAPES-3 telescope indicated that for a short while, the Earth’s magnetosphere cracked, letting some low-energy galactic cosmic rays penetrate the atmosphere.

According to the study, the burst in cosmic activity indicated a “transient weakening of Earth’s magnetic shield”. Further research into the chance event may “hold clues for a better understanding of future superstorms that could cripple modern technological infrastructure on Earth,”

This would cause widespread havoc on Earth including black outs and exposure to harmful UV radiation

Many scientists claim that The Earth's magnetic field has weakened by 15 per cent over the last 200 years and this could be a sign that the Earth’s poles are about to flip. We are currently due for flip but do not know when that will happen

If switch happens we would get exposed to solar winds capable of punching holes into ozone layer. It will destroy out power grids and there will be no electricity for many months, climate on earth will get changed and rate of cancer will increase.

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Friday, November 4, 2016

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Bikram November 04, 2016  

Armageddon is coming .....


Kirtivasan Ganesan November 05, 2016  

Maybe it would be better if you consult Narlikar or other Marathi scientists before writing on science.

rudraprayaga November 05, 2016  

Man's thoughtless action brings all these catastrophes to the mankind.He thinks only in pecuniary line.