16 October 2016

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UK Pink Trial Rape Case Girls full past sexual history will be scrutinized in courts

UK Pink Trial Rape Case Girls full past sexual history will be scrutinized in courts

Ched Evans rape trial has set a wrong precedent in the UK and which has now open the gates of harassing females in court, in court of law the lawyers of the accused will check the sexual past of the female who come forward and report about the rape.

Why this case is important – you will understand if you have seen the Bollywood movie Pink starring Big B or the movie The Accused starring Jodie Foster.

The Accused is a 1988 American drama film written by Tom Toper and directed by Jonathan Kaplan. It starred Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis
Pink movie was inspired from the movie The Accused.

Chad Evans Rape Case -  

Evans was originally found guilty of rape in May 2011. He was jailed for five years in 2012.

Defense lawyers have been banned from cross-examining alleged rape victims in court about their sexual behavior or history since 1999, but the Court of Appeal said Evans' case was exceptional.

The woman who accused Ched Evans of raping her has been forced to change her name at least five times since 2011, after receiving hundreds of death threats.

Legally, she has the right to lifelong anonymity as a complainant in a sex attack, but has been repeatedly hunted down and exposed

After Mr. Evan's first trial, her name was tweeted by his supporters and then retweeted more than 6,000 times.

Since then, her new identities have been uncovered twice more, forcing her to adopt a new name and move to a new location each time.

Her father has said his daughter has been "living her life on the run" since the incident in 2011.

Footballer Ched Evans 27, had admitted to having sex with the teenager in a hotel in Rhyl, north Wales, and cheating on his girlfriend in the process, but always insisted it had been consensual.

Evans, the former Sheffield United striker, was released halfway through a five-year prison term for raping the woman, who was 19 at the time of the offence in 2012

The woman he raped in a hotel in Rhyl has been forced to move home five times after being hounded by internet trolls and, according to her father, has been driven to live “on the run”.

The Independent reported that The 27-year-old footballer was cleared on Friday of raping a woman in a hotel room in 2011, only after her sexual history was scrutinized before a jury. Evans was initially found guilty of the rape in 2012.

The Sun reported CHED Evans secured his “not guilty” verdict after his family spent £500,000 smearing his alleged victim’s sex history.
The ex-Wales striker dragged the teenage waitress through a five-year ordeal in which she was repeatedly identified and abused online.
Evans’ fiancee Natasha Massey, posted a £50,000 “bribe” for evidence which could help clear him on a website set up to support his case.
He also spent hundreds of thousands on fees for barristers to argue that highly personal evidence about the 19-year-old’s private sexual history could be used to gain an appeal.
The Chesterfield star’s future father-in-law Karl Massey, a multi­-millionaire jeweller, hired private investigators including a retired senior police officer to delve into the woman’s past.
They produced a case file from at least 14 men and women who knew the alleged victim.
Two unnamed men revealed how she “directed” sex and used the phrase “f*** me harder”, which Evans claims he heard during sex with her.

The original conviction was referred to the Court of Appeal following a 10-month-long investigation by the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), which found new information that had not been heard at the original trial.

While he was in prison, Evans' family and friends offered £50,000 for information that might clear his name and hired private investigators to help free him.

The new evidence concerned two other men who claimed they had sex with the woman around the same time as the alleged rape and who described their encounters as similar to Evans' account of what happened.

At the retrial, the jury heard how Mr. Evans had been on a night out in Rhyl, North Wales, on 29 May 2011 with friends including the footballer Clayton McDonald.

The men first saw the woman in the early hours of the morning, falling over drunk outside a kebab shop, the court head.

Mr. McDonald took her back to the Premier Inn nearby, where Evans had booked a room, text messaging him from the taxi to tell him he had “got a bird”.

Evans insisted he then had consensual sex with the woman before getting up and leaving via a fire exit door when he suddenly realized he was cheating on his girlfriend.

In 2012, a court ruled the woman had not been able to give consent, but on Friday a jury decided unanimously that Evans was not guilty.

What will be the effect of this Ched Evans rape case in UK?

All the males who are accused of rape, their lawyers will find the sexual past of the raped girl, they will find few males who may or may not have sex with that girl in past but in court of law to discredit the girl who has filed case they will say anything which will help accused to get released showing that girl got the loose character and they will shame the girl in society and girls will fear to report rape case.

This trial has taken UK to 18th and 19th Century when women who reported rape were assumed to be lying and their sex life of on trial as well as they were considered have low character.

"This sets a dangerous precedent to allow irrelevant sexual history evidence, which the law was supposed to prevent, opening the floodgates to trashing the woman’s character in any rape trial once again.

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

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Bikram October 17, 2016  

I am in uk and I did not know of this ..

actually what has happened in uk is there is sudden rise of case where women are claiming to be raped , no one knows if its actually happened or not ..

so all this is probably because of that.. we have had people who are in 80's and older too now framed for rape. the famous Jimmy seville case came up after he died..

IT is a bad scenario if women are being asked such intimate questions..

dont know what to say , I guess british law is also going down hill now