16 October 2016

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U.S. Government Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone

U.S. Government Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone
U.S. Government Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone on airline flights

U.S. Department of Transportation banned Passengers and flight crews from bringing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on airline flights under an emergency order issued Friday

Reason to ban the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone on flights – The reports that phone catches fire

As per media reports the phones may not be carried on board or packed in checked bags on flights to and from the United States or within the country. The phones also can’t be shipped as air cargo.

The department said that Passengers who try to evade the ban by packing the phone in their checked luggage may be subject to criminal prosecution in addition to fines. Packing the phones in checked luggage increases the risk of a “catastrophic incident,”
Passengers who are currently travelling with Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones should contact Samsung or their wireless carrier immediately to obtain information about how to return their phones and arrange for a refund or a replacement phone

Samsung discontinued the product earlier this week, less than two months after its August release.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says there have been nearly 100 reports of batteries in Note 7 phones overheating in the US. One fire erupted on a Southwest Airlines flight earlier this month. In another case, a family in St. Petersburg, Florida, reported a Galaxy Note 7 phone left charging in their Jeep caught fire, destroying the vehicle.

Samsung Phone Number -  1-844-365-6197, for customers with questions.


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Sunday, October 16, 2016

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Destination Infinity October 30, 2016  

Even in India, a few airlines have banned this phone. I think there was one such burn case here also.

Destination Infinity