18 October 2016

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BJP Government to Bring Reservation in Judicial Appointments

BJP Government to Bring Reservation in Judicial Appointments

Now Hindu reported that The Centre is preparing to introduce reservation for Dalits, tribals and other backward classes (OBCs) in the appointment of district judges
Introduction of quota system in a section of the lower judiciary is part of the NDA government’s move to constitute an All-India Judicial Service (AIJS) to appoint district judges, a prerogative of the high courts at present.

Reality views by sm –

There is no reservation in the high courts and the Supreme Court, although the collegiums try to give representation to various regions and communities in the appointment of judges.

Year 2014 -
In November 2014, the Patna high court had struck down a Bihar government notification that sought to provide reservation for SCs/STs and OBCs in lower court judges.

In December, the Supreme Court rejected a plea by a district-level judge from Uttarakhand, who demanded a direction to the high court to reserve seats for SC/ST judges.

In Judicial Appointments our elected and not elected politicians do not have any say, thus they cannot appoint their friends as judges otherwise we know that in other government offices what happens, as soon as government changes, the language of CBI changes, guilty becomes non guilty vice versa.

Collegium System of Judges is working fine in the country; they have given great judgements.

What is the reason majority times people ask the for Judge or court monitor investigation of corruption cases or high profile cases?
Reason is simple majority trust Indian Judges; they do not trust any other government department.

Congress and BJP Modi government both tried hard to get control on the  judge’s appointment. so they can appoint their friends as Supreme Court Judges.

Still BJP Modi government is trying one or other way to get control of judicial appointments.

Once Modi government tried change collegium system, to get control over the appointment of Supreme Court of Judges but they failed but still government has not given up.

Why government wants to bring reservation in judicial appointments?

Reason is simple, if we cannot control top, start from the bottom and appoint our friends as district judges and in future they will become Supreme Court judges and they will willingly cancel the collegium system of appointment of judges and ultimately Judges will come under politicians just like CBI.

Majority politicians and Political parties know that except Judiciary everyone fears them
Coal Scam, 2G scam everyone knows the great role played by the Indian Judiciary.

In the interest of India and common Indian citizens, hope High Courts will see that politicians will not get any direct or indirect say in the appointment of district judges.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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Destination Infinity October 18, 2016  

I think this is not that bad a move. This may minimize the chance that politicians might have to appoint their favorites as Judges. But am not sure if I support the reservation system in the first place.

Destination Infinity

Renu October 21, 2016  

I never expected this from BJP..i am in favour of no reservation anywhere.