29 December 2015

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Supreme Court orders liquor Only for Rich Citizens not for Poor

Supreme Court orders liquor Only for Rich Citizens not for Poor

In August 2014, Kerala state government announced that alcohol would be served only in five-star hotels and ordered hundreds of bars to close down.

After this liquor policy was challenged by three-star and four-star bar owners in Supreme Court of India.

But supreme court of India gave importance to public health, but not to the equality among citizens.

Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the liquor policy of Kerala government restricting sale of alcohol to only five star bars.

Its duty of government of India to keep equality among the citizens and if government fails then it is the duty of Honorable Supreme Court of India to safe guard the rights of Indian citizens.

But once again Honorable Supreme Court of India did not support equality among citizens.

Flawed Judgement

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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Destination Infinity December 29, 2015  

I think they are partially correct with this decision. It's easier for people with lot of money to burn some of it, while it is very difficult for people with less money.

We ought to understand that drinking liquor is an addiction. There is no point in talking about equality when a person is forced have no control over his actions.

Banning liquor in star hotels also is the best way to ensure equality. This is only my opinion and I may not be "right".

Destination Infinity

Stranger in a Strange Land December 30, 2015  

Hello SM:

In a way this law is toothless. The poor cannot afford liquor anyhow unless they home brew it. This is only increase criminal activity and result in less tax revenue...I am assuming alcohol is taxed highly in India as it is in the west but perhaps I am wrong not knowing of your Indian legal system...I imagine it is as corrupt as any other legal system...east or west, north or south.

Take care,