25 September 2015

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High Court Orders Take Action on Muslims who marry of Minor Girls

High Court Orders Take Action on Muslims who marry of Minor Girls
The Gujarat high court has held that the special law - Prohibition of Child Marriage Act (PCMA) - will prevail over the Muslim Personal Law in cases where Muslims marry off their minor daughters. Promoters of such marriages will face legal proceedings.

Sharia laws permit a girl to take decision about her marriage when she attains the age of puberty, at around 15 when the legal age of Marriage is 18

High Court Judge ruled that all those who promote or permit child marriages are liable to be prosecuted under the central law that bans such early nuptials.

HC said that even in cases of child marriage involving Muslims, the provisions of PCMA cannot be overlooked and action must be taken against those responsible

India does not need any religious laws or personal laws; India is democratic Secular nation thus India needs one law one country for all citizens.

Everyone is free to follow his own religion inside his home and functions but for legal matters India is one law for everyone for Marriage, divorce, property etc

But to maintain and keep vote banks and society divided no political business house that is party is interested to bring common civil code

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Friday, September 25, 2015

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