25 September 2015

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Rs.45000 Cr. Rajasthan Mining Scam Mining Contracts given without auction

Rs.45000 Cr. Rajasthan Mining Scam Mining Contracts given without auction
Raje loots Rajasthan, distributed mining contracts worth Rs. 45,000 crores without auction

Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi came to power 16 months ago on the solemn promise of ‘Na Khaoonga, Na Khane Doonga’.
Between 30 October 2014 and 12 January 2015, the government of Rajasthan, led by Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhara Raje, proceeded to issue prospecting licenses/mining leases for 653 mines equivalent to 1,43,253 bighas i.e. 22085.81 hectares with approximate estimated auction value of over Rs. 45,000 crores, without auction.

This mega mine allocation scam was done in complete defiance of Supreme Court judgment dated 12 April 2012, in willful negation of the mandatory policy dated 30 October 2014 and the statutory obligation of allocation of mines only through auction (i.e. competitive bidding).

In willful violation of policy dated 30 October 2014, Raje government committed the following illegalities:

No prior approval of the Government of India was taken before issuing Letters of Intent (LOI’s) for 653 prospecting licenses/mining leases. No prior notification was published in Official gazette/government website or through public advertisements inviting applications for grant of 653 prospecting licenses/mining leases. No exploration data or details of available minerals were published. Even mining area was not notified. All this was done so that the 653 mineral mines for 22085.81 hectares would not be subject to the process of auction through competitive bidding. Loss to the exchequer on account of this fraudulent decision is writ large.

Government of Rajasthan, led by Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhara Raje was in a tearing hurry to allocate mines with lightning speed. A sample of 11 mines allocated in Karoli district of Rajasthan reflects that as many as five mines out of 11 were allocated within a period of 48 hours. One mine was allocated in less than 12 hours from the date of application. Entire exercise smacks of malice, mala fide intention, corruption and loot.

Similar is the case of allocation of mine to one Amit Sharma of Ajmer, who applied on 8 January 2015 and was granted an LOI on 12 January 2015. Incidentally, 10 and 11 January 2015 were gazetted holidays. Amit Sharma applied on 8 January 2015, verification of khasra numbers was done on the same day, report of the Field Officer was prepared on the same day, Field Officer submitted the report to Mining Engineer on the same day and Mining Engineer submitted the report to Director, Mines on the same day i.e. 8 January 2015. Thus, the entire case was processed in one working day and LOI was issued on 12 January 2015.

What is shocking is the manner in which limestone mines were allocated with total impunity by the Government of Rajasthan. A block comprising of 9.89 square kilometers was allocated in Nimbahera, district Chhittorgarh, to Imami Cement Limited without grant of environmental clearance from the Government of India, without submission of progressive mines closure plan, without deposit of security amount for grant of lease or even without deposit of keenness money. What is even more shocking is that although application had been made earlier, the file was processed to beat the deadline of auction in view of the 2015 Act and in negation of 31 October 2014 policy.

Another company, Lafarge India Private Limited was allocated 8.32 square kilometers of limestone mine in Jaisalmer without adhering to the aforesaid conditions. Another cement company, Sree Cement Company was allocated 9.12 square kilometers of limestone mine in District Jaisalmer once again without adhering to the aforesaid conditions. Almost identical is the allocation of 7.91 square kilometers of limestone mine in Nimbahera, Chittorgarh to Wonder Cement Limited.

Malfeasance, fraud, loot, corruption and conspiratorial scams have become the hallmark of BJP government in Rajasthan. The Congress party demands the immediate sacking of Rajasthan CM Smt. Vasundhara Raje, her colleague ministers and other officers. A Supreme Court monitored CBI inquiry should be lodged into this Mega Mining Allocation Scam which should be concluded within a fixed time frame.

No one is Guilty and Criminal unless and Until declared by the Court of law.

Source – Congress

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Friday, September 25, 2015

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lina@happy family September 25, 2015  

Political crimes happen and happen again.

JAMSHED AZMI September 26, 2015  

A good post here. Thanks for sharing.