24 September 2015

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Win Rs. 30,000 Prizes Contest for Logo, Name and Tagline for the Tribal Carnival

Win Rs. 30,000 Prizes Contest for Logo, Name and Tagline for the Tribal Carnival

The Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India shall be organizing a “Tribal Carnival” from February 12 to 17, 2016 in New Delhi.

In order to give the pride of place to the event, priority of the same from Government perspective and its advocacy amongst the prospective visitors to the Carnival, it is proposed to provide a name, a logo with related tag line for the Carnival.

Suggestions have been invited from public through the website
www.mygov.in to provide a suitable name, logo and tag line for the Carnival.

The last date for submission of entries is September 28, 2015.

The winning entry will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 30,000/- (Rupees Thirty Thousand only).

In case of Multiple winners, the distribution of prizes will be divided as per following
Rs. 15,000 for logo only,
Rs. 7,500/- for name only
Rs. 7,500/- for tagline only.

The Tribal Carnival will be an event to depict traditional facets of tribal art/culture.

The events proposes to be a mix of live musical and dance performances, exhibitions, displays of crafts etc., fashion show, film shows, panel discussions etc.

A pride parade by tribal troupes in traditional attire shall be spectacular to watch. A gala event spread over five days will have cultural evenings each day.

The Carnival promises to be a treat for lovers of art, music, traditional food and one of its kind of non-stop venue for lively entertainment of India’s traditional tribal way of life full of experience and knowledge.

The participation will be from tribal population throughout the length and breadth of the country.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

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Destination Infinity September 24, 2015  

This is interesting. My blog name was actually my entry to a tag-line contest announced by tourism dept. of India and my entry lost. I am blogging now with a *vengeance* to make it popular myself :)

Destination Infinity

PS: Who knows, I might participate again :P

Bikram September 25, 2015  

@Destination Infinity

:) All the best DI I am sure it will go through now ..


Bikram September 25, 2015  

That is good.. and all the best to all the participants :)