12 June 2015

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Health Ministry Law Doctors to write the prescriptions in Capital Letters

Health Ministry Law Doctors to write the prescriptions in Capital Letters

A senior Union Health Ministry official told PTI to that "The Health Ministry will come out with gazette notification under the MCI regulations. Under this, the prescription should be legible and preferably written in capital letters along with the names of the generic drug prescribed,"

"The central government has approved to amend Indian Medical Council Regulations, 2002, providing therein that every physician should prescribe drugs with generic names in legible and capital latters and he/she shall ensure that there is a rational prescription and use of drugs,"

Benefits of above changes will be following –
1-capital letters will help decrease prescription errors
2-It will be a cheaper alternative to electronic health records.
3-"Prescription errors will decrease.
4-The patients will be now able to know whether the drug is generic or not

Again here is loophole and the law will go into dustbin

There would be no penalties or punishment for the doctors not following the notification.

Suggested Reform –

Compulsory use of laptop if doctor cannot afford laptop or no power supply he or she should write the medicine names in Capital letters only
Otherwise penalty of Rs. 1000 for first mistake which doctor will give to patient for his error.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

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