07 November 2014

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Robert Vadra Shuts down Six Companies in Haryana Rajasthan

Robert Vadra Shuts down Six Companies in Haryana Rajasthan

Who is Robert Vadra?
The Husband of Priyanka Gandhi and son in law of Sonia Gandhi

Robert Vadra started six companies in Haryana and Rajasthan

Congress party lost the Lok Sabha elections in both the states and Now BJP is ruling both the states

Following are the names of six companies started by Robert Vadra

Lifeline Agrotech Private Limited

Greenwave Agro Private Limited

Rightline Agriculture Private Limited

Primetime Agro Private Limited

Future Infra Agro Private Limited

Best Seasons Agro Private Limited

All the above six companies were incorporated in 2012.

Robert Vadra has already closed the four companies
Lifeline Agrotech Private Limited, Greenwave Agro Private Limited, Rightline Agriculture Private Limited,
Primetime Agro Private Limited
And soon he will close other two companies.

DNA reported that none of these companies has filed annual returns or balance sheets since inception.
Vadra holds the position of managing director in all the six companies.

In less than five years his real estate companies rose from
Rs50 lakh capital to Rs500 crore

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Friday, November 07, 2014

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rudraprayaga November 07, 2014  

In the kingly times we had to bear with the corruption of one king and kin.But now the king's,their kin's,king-makers' and their kin and comrades amass fund in abundance. Poor India, let her shed tears on such unscrupulous ones.