03 September 2014

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High Court Judge Ashamed’ to be a resident of (waterlogged) city

High Court Judge Ashamed’ to be a resident of (waterlogged) city

The High Court bench was hearing a case related to waterlogging in Patna while hearing this case Justice said following -

High Court Justice Sinha said following

This is the dirtiest state capital in the country and it is a shame on the part of those who are ruling the roost.

The last 15 days is not enough to shake the government. The city has become an object of ridicule

Will any judge like to be transferred to Patna?
We are also mute spectators as everybody is.
Rain also occurs in other parts of the country but the water is drained out in a few hours.
But in Patna it remains for several days.
It was quite evident during the Independence Day function in the city’s Gandhi Maidan which I attended after folding my trousers

Why a water body earlier situated near Gandhi Maidan gave way to a roundabout dedicated to Subhas Chandra Bose.
“Surely he fought for Independence and this the Independence we have got,”

Short-term plans, which involve cleaning of drains, could not alone solve the problem since excessive rain invariably leads to waterlogging.
The government should file an undertaking that the long-term plan to improve the drainage system of the city would be executed in a time-bound manner so that residents don’t face the same problem in future.

Justice P.K. Jha, the other judge on the bench, added: “This is the condition of Patna for the last 30 years.”

Situation in Majority Indian cities is similar someone is facing gutter problems someone is facing garbage problem

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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

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