03 September 2014

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First time Ex. Chief Justice of India appointed as Governor is it good precedent

First time Ex. Chief Justice of India appointed as Governor is it good precedent

Former Chief Justice of India, P. Sathasivam has been appointed as a Kerala Governor
This is the first time a retired CJI has been appointed Governor.

Post of Governor and President in India as such has no value they can be called as a rubber stamp of Prime Minister of India.

Rarest of rare case one can see the importance or need of the Governor or President other times India does not need the post of President or Governor

But Now First time Former Chief Justice of India has been appointed as a Governor

What will happen if this becomes a rule?

Don’t you think this will damage the concept of separation of judiciary from elected politicians, parliament

Today what you see in all the government department majority employees try hard to keep the elected politicians happy
Reasons are – Good Posting and Job after retirement

Now just think don’t you think that there is a possibility that same thing will happen in Judiciary also

Keep the Parliament that is elected politicians happy and become a Governor after retirement

Now think how Supreme Court judge can keep them happy?

Majority Indians think that Majority politicians are corrupt in India

Today or tomorrow they will face the judiciary

What will happen when Judges will give Judgement thinking about post retirement jobs?

By giving favorable judgments

By delaying Judgement

By praising them in judgments

Anything is possible and anything can happen

India needs a reform a new law which will ban by law post-retirement appointments for judges as well as IAS, IPS, RBI officers, everyone one who is related with government of India who is in the service of state or central government

Hope Modi government will bring such laws and reform the system

Otherwise just keep saying and dreaming Good days will come

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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

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Renu September 03, 2014  

it all depends on individual's integrity too..not everybody thinks about plum postings and all..if everybody becomes mrally corrupt then there is no way out whatevr you do...