01 September 2014

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142 Gold Won No Fund No Support for Indian Champ Karate Girl Bhavisha Singh

142 Gold Won No Fund No Support for Indian Champ Karate Girl Bhavisha Singh

Seventeen Year Bhavisha Singh has won over 142 gold, 11 silver and 13 bronze medals in local, national and international tournaments.

She is Indian girl born in Hong Kong her family moved to Mumbai in year 2002

When she was ten years old she won her black belt

Bhavisha and her team have been selected to represent India at the Karate World Championship, Germany.
They need Rs 75,000 for registration, and around Rs 6, 00,000, for their travel, stay and tournament expenses.

Because of our sports ministry laws or policies she will not get any funds from Government of India regarding this.

Achievements of Bhavisha Singh

July 1997 – Hong Kong China, Bhavisha is born

April 2002 -
Vasai, Maharashtra India
Bhavisha arrives in India from Hong Kong along with her parents

September 2002 –
She joins local karate coaching classes

December 2004 –
Her first participation YMCA Ground Vasai
Bhavisha participates in the Vasai Taluka Kalakrida Mahotsav. She doesn't win any medals nor any certificates, except for the realization that she has to practice hard.

December 2005 –
The Comeback
YMCA Ground, Vasai, MH
Bhavisha bags a silver and a bronze medal.

December 2006-
Karate State Championship-
Practice makes perfect. Bhavisha cruises through the competition and bags a gold medal here

December 2006-2007-

Gold Spree!
YMCA Ground, Vasai, MH
Bhavisha bags a gold at Vasai Taluka Kala Krida festival for two consecutive years.

October 2008-
First National Tournament
Kolkata, India
Even though Bhavisha was unwell due to high fever, she strikes a gold at her first ever national event; recording another milestone!

December 2009-
+1 Gold
YMCA Ground, Vasai, MH
Bhavisha bags another gold at Vasai Taluka Kala Krida festival in 2009.

May 2011 –
Rise to the top!
Delhi, India
Bhavisha excercises her determination and wins another national tournament at New Delhi. She is also selected to represent India at a major event in China

December 2011 –
+1 gold!
YMCA Ground, Vasai, MH
Bhavisha wins a gold at YMCA, Vasai.

September 2013 –
Karate Girls Combined!
China & Malaysia
Bhavisha is now a part of a professional Kata team.Team members: Sharmila Gharu, Divya Kathawate
The SAKF Event!
Bhavisha and team bag a silver at a South Asian Karate Federation event.

January 2014-
First National Team Event!
New Delhi, India
Bhavisha and team bag the gold in Team Kata in the country's capital! A milestone!

November 2014 –
The World Cup of Karate!
Bhavisha and her team's participation in this event is only possible through your blessings and donations!

Golden Karate Girls need the funds to go to Germany

She has created a website giving all the details about her journey, medals won everything is given on her website

Rs. 1, 24,182 out of Rs. 6, 00,000 received

You can check her website and donate
If possible donate them


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Monday, September 01, 2014

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Bikram September 01, 2014  

such sad state and the same was for our boxing olympic champ Mary kom who was actually WORLD CHAMPION for 4 or 5 times and No one had heard about her..