10 November 2013

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Why to Vote for AAP in Delhi Assembly Elections a Test of Indian Citizens

Why to Vote for AAP in Delhi Assembly Elections a Test of Indian Citizens

Majority people believe that India got two strong national political parties BJP and Congress

In my school days I also thought same India got two national political parties BJP and Congress and few regional political parties who rule their states.

Once you start to read, watch, observe Indian politics you will understand and know the bitter truth that
All Political Parties are same with different names with one hidden goal
Goal is Become Rich and Make the friends Rich and enjoy the life
Fool the Indian People on the name of caste, religion, statue, Sex , Female freedoms dress code etc

They just discuss the useless topics and never touch real problems

As there was no option to vote and final result was same
People lost faith in politics and did not vote in elections
People started to watch movies and enjoy their life on the day of voting

But now AAP is formed and is trying to change what others do not wish to change

You said that our system is dirty, the vote is wasted, and nothing will improve
You said you won’t vote in elections system is rotten

But now this time if you do not vote in Delhi Election and say the same thing they you do not have any right to say that system is rotten, there is no option

Now you got the option AAP vote for AAP or any other party or just make the use of right to reject button

Now you do not have any excuse to say no to Vote

If you do not vote and watch the movie then do not say that Indian politicians are bad
Only a voter has right to say this, not you as you are not part of political system and a good Indian citizen

AAP needs your money and vote

If you cannot donate you can go and vote for AAP

AAP needs your support

Are you planning to vote for BJP?
They say we will built temple, they say we will give freedom to CBI but
In BJP ruled states they are not ready to give Jan Lokpal Bill or strong Lokpal

You do not support BJP great

Great you support Congress

Yes congress has built many great roads which take the shape of gutters in rainy season

Yes congress has built many schools and colleges and controlled and managed by politicians and their friends and family members

You say you do not vote because you hate politics
But what you do in your office, you can do anything to get a promotion
You will do anything in home to remain the head in home or office front
You play the game of politics in everything and still say hate politics
Won’t vote in elections

Now you got the AAP why not try and vote for AAP once
Just once give them chance

In Delhi elections AAP has given tickets to candidates who barely manage their livelihood
They need your vote and support

You think they are corrupt do not give money but go and give the vote to AAP

You will lose nothing by voting for AAP

No donations, No vote for AAP still you doubt the intentions of AAP 

Look around do you think the parties whom you voted and supported always what they gave you in return

For Jan Lokpal Bill, Anna and his team tried hard and you said politicians will give Jan Lokpal Bill, we do not need Bill, and we got CBI, Its independent

Now what happened CBI is caged and controlled by politicians it’s proven

Now do we got  the Lokpal No, Still you doubt AAP and say will vote for BJP and Congress

What  change they will bring, they will bring no change as their goals are same and desires are same

What AAP is demanding a vote and if possible small donation?

AAP is promising good governance, good laws

This election don’t enjoy holiday vote for AAP and feel proud for doing something good in the interest of India

You will say that Arvind Kejriwal met Muslim people or cleric 

So what

Does that mean AAP will forget the problems of common Indian citizens, AAP will not bring Jan Lokpal Bill or good laws for the benefit of Indian Citizens?

Why don’t you shout when other political parties divide Indian society on the name of reservation, temple, mosque, job quota?

But if Arvind Kejriwal meets a Muslim cleric you start to hate Arvind Kejriwal and AAP


Do you think other political parties do not meet and take support of religious leaders?

What is wrong in meeting someone?

Important is result of meeting

After meeting Cleric what happened or changed in AAP party or Arvind Kejriwal

Nothing changed

Talk on real issues and problems

Real reason is we are used to stay in gutter and if anyone tries to clean that gutter we do not like it and we start to shout and see that the fellow Indian who has taken Broom in his hands and cleaning gutter stops his job

Now come out of gutter and clean the gutter of Indian politics by voting for AAP or use NOTA button and show the power of vote

Do you know AAP has given election tickets to 20 candidates who find it difficult to earn their monthly livelihood?

So what you doing on the day of elections in Delhi and other states

Encourage everyone to vote

Yes system is dirty and rotten and it stayed for 64 years same way

But now AAP is here to clean it

Be part of AAP

Needs vote and financial support

Vote for AAP

Vote for NOTA

AND start the journey of cleaning gutter of Indian political system

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

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DWei November 10, 2013  

I live in the wrong country for this I'm afraid, sorry.

Sandhya November 10, 2013  

AAP will win this election. I felt it when I visited North India, a few days back!

Malamel63 November 10, 2013  

AAp is a Delhi based party centred around Kejriwal, fathered by LokPal Bill. It requires incidence like Delhi rape to grow and flourish. It is sad many people put their trust in AAP but the fact is it cannot see beyond Delhi urban population. Going by history we can predict that AAP is going to play a spilsport in Delhi Assembly polls, it will act like the party of Morarji Desai's party after the emergency. No party can be stable if it comes up with certain local and seasonal problems .And as for corruption, all those in power will be smeared by it and when AAP gets a taste of power, it will show its colour.

Usha November 11, 2013  

Good post, People should give an opportunity to AAP by exercising their voting right. This is the best choice available to get rid of existing corrupt parties.

Kirtivasan Ganesan November 11, 2013  

Yes, vote for AAP.
Because AAP aur HUM layenge desh mein DUM.
This time Delhi is going to bring about a change.

deeps November 12, 2013  

Voting for the lesser evil will do...

Destination Infinity November 16, 2013  

I too think AAP deserves a chance. Let's see if they are able to create a difference to polity.

Destination Infinity