07 November 2013

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Two Railway officers suspended for a simple mistake cannot be called as a mistake

Two Railway officers suspended for a simple mistake cannot be called as a mistake

Two senior railway officials received suspension order for a day for making Railway Minister Mallikarjun Kharge walk a few steps more to board his special train at the Lucknow station on Tuesday.

Why they were suspended?
One reason is still in India we are following British Raj system

Reason for suspension?
They failed to place railways minister Mallikarjun Kharge’s saloon precisely in front of the red carpet that had been laid out for him at Lucknow station at the VIP entry gate.

This little mistake had caused the minister to walk a few extra steps to board the saloon at Lucknow station, while journeying to Varanasi for a visit at the Diesel Locomotive Works facility.

Names of suspended officers?

1Swapnil Garg
2.AK Mall

As per media reports later of because of media pressure the suspension was  revoked.

Both the suspension and revocation were carried out through verbal orders which is illegal and it caused humiliation to the affected persons.

In this case suspension procedure was not followed this the authority or officer who has suspended needs to be fired from his job

Indian Railways should pay Rs. 10 Crore to both the suspended officers for wrongful suspension order and mental harassment

I do not think in democratic India we need to provide such king like to treatment to our Indian politicians who are as per law our servants.

Politicians should bow before citizens and not citizens of India

This is India  no superior officer will get punishment for wrongful actions

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Thursday, November 07, 2013

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Usha November 07, 2013  

Why minister want to walk over red carpet to reach to his train compartment? These two suspended officers should receive good compensation from Minsters salary. He should pay for it and he deserves to get suspended immediately.

Renu November 08, 2013  

They have been reinstated I think..

But it is hilarious..

chary November 08, 2013  

Shit on this Ministers

deeps November 08, 2013  

Thats rediculous...

rudraprayaga November 08, 2013  

Why,is he an alien or extra-terrestrial from an unknown planet? In that case rails should have laid in fron of his house.He should compensate the deformation of the poor officials.