12 November 2013

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Bollywood Movies just an item number

Bollywood Movies just an item number

Irrfan a well know Bollywood actor told to IANS that Indian cinema needs to speak a universal language and change the world's perception about Bollywood being an "item number"
We cannot continue being known as item number filmmakers. Bollywood is known as an item number, and we have to change that. We have to connect with a universal audience in a way that they think that there is some interesting kind of cinema coming out of India,"

Question is Bollywood movies are they really just item numbers

Sadly but honestly one has to accept the truth that Yes Bollywood movies are just item numbers

How many Bollywood movies you remember for story or dialogue or an item number

What is item number?
A song is called as item number, a hero and heroine dance together doing aerobics and stunts which Cheer leader girls do

As Bollywood cannot show the nude scene , erotic scene or sex between hero and heroine they use the item number

Item number is shown on the place of sex scene or nude scene 

Item number is an erotic soft core dance or porn with music

Bollywood songs, item songs is one of the inspiration for eve teasing faced by Indian females.

In this songs they show that a beautiful dream girl is walking on road, then hero comes, he teases, he does naughty things with her, and in the end the girl accepts that boy who has teased her as her Boyfriend, the reality is that if this happens on road girls fear and nothing like movie happens

From age one boys in India get to see in movies that, go on road, tease the girl and she accepts the boy as her boyfriend.

Bollywood now needs to grow up and needs to make movies without item numbers

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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DWei November 13, 2013  

Yeah, I highly doubt that they'll change.

Kirtivasan Ganesan November 13, 2013  

Being a success in India is the most difficult thing in the whole world. India being the second most populous country maybe China might be more difficult.
Item number I do not know. It is an irrelevant song in the movie.
I thought India had the culture of plays with recital of hymns in song form for ages.

Destination Infinity November 13, 2013  

Some decent movies are made from time to time - Kahaani, Lunchbox, Chack de India, Lagaan, etc. But predominantly, only love based/masala based movies are being made. That's why I don't watch any Indian movies these days unless I know they take a very different line.

Destination Infinity

deeps November 15, 2013  

Indian movies dont stand for bollywood alone ha?
There r many great movies in other languages too