16 November 2013

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Without 1000 ton gold ASI leaves village of Daundia act of national shame ended

Without 1000 ton gold ASI leaves village of Daundia act of national shame ended

A man or seer dreamed about 1000 ton gold, he wrote letters to Indian Prime Minister, President of India

The man had seen the local 19th century king, Rao Ram Bux Singh, in his dream who told him about 1,000 tonnes of gold being buried in the temple's backyard.

Charan Das Mahant, who belongs to Chhattisgarh and is Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Processing Industry, visited the area on September 22 and October 7.

The minister allegedly convinced ASI and the Geological Survey of India (GSI) teams to inspect the place.

A team of experts visited the area on October 12 and allegedly confirmed the presence of some non-conductive material underneath.

After that Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) visited the village and started digging.

The world media was laughing on India but ASI was digging.

The ASI first said they began digging because the GSI report confirmed something was there underneath the site. After days of excavation, they found nothing

When they realized that they may not find anything, they started to give other reasons for digging.

Union Culture Minister Chandresh Kumari Katoch gave  another reason 
She said the ASI was looking for the weapons the rebels had used during the 1857 mutiny.

But they found nothing

Al Jazeera summed up the spectacle saying, "We had heard that India is the land of snake charmers. After this we are ready to believe it."

The London Telegraph wrote, "Should they discover any gold, there will be competing claims of ownership from the central and state governments and the holy man and his disciples."

BJP's PM nominee Narendra Modi had questioned the gold hunt and later apologized to the seer,
The Janata Dal (United) had lodged a police complaint against Charan Das Mahant for allegedly misusing his official position to "spread superstition".

But don’t worry about Minister, this is India nothing will happen in this case.
After few days everyone will forget about this drama which shamed India as a Nation

But don’t know how many Indians think this has shamed India

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

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DWei November 16, 2013  

Really. A dream told you? Wow.

Maybe this will teach you not to believe in silly superstitions.

Destination Infinity November 16, 2013  

LOL. So, what was that non-conductive material at last? Maybe stone? :P

Destination Infinity

Usha November 19, 2013  

ASI and GSI should have strongly refused to do any further work to look for GOLD..Why no authority could stop this?

I wonder why they have to dig to look for Gold? Recently in our city few Indian homes were robbed during day time and Gold from home was gone, news is.. they came with powerful Gold detectors. If ordinary robbers can get hold of such detectors then why GSI don't have any technical means to know hidden Gold under earth?

SM November 19, 2013  


thoughtful question