11 August 2013

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Video Revealed Norway PM Jens Stoltenberg works as secret taxi driver

Video Revealed Norway PM Jens Stoltenberg works as secret taxi driver

Norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg spent an afternoon working incognito as a taxi driver in Oslo
BBC reported that Mr. Stoltenberg said he had wanted to hear from real Norwegian voters and that taxis were one of the few places where people shared their true views.

He wore sunglasses and an Oslo taxi driver's uniform for the shift in June, only revealing his identity once his passengers recognized him.

His exchanges with his passengers were captured on a hidden camera.
"It is important for me to hear what people really think," he told Norwegian media.
"And if there is one place people really say what they think about most things, it's in the taxi."

This is how Great Indian King Shivaji also used to visit the villages to know what they think about kingdom and to understand their pain.

Today in India no Indian or no Indian political party really follow King Shivaji and his teachings.

Watch the video Norway PM Jens Stoltenberg working as a taxi driver

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

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Destination Infinity August 12, 2013  

Super. I've heard that the Dutch PM goes to office in a cycle/electric bike! It's good to know that in some countries, there are politicians who care about what public thinks about them and wants to make things better.

But in our country, how many cars, how much security...

Destination Infinity

rudraprayaga August 14, 2013  

In India rulers rule for rupees only.Very good information.