12 August 2013

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Methods to oppose Murder of RTI by United Politicians Political Parties

Methods  to oppose Murder of RTI by United Politicians Political Parties
The Union Cabinet, Congress Party supported by majority political parties had on August 1 cleared a proposal to amend the RTI Act to give immunity to political parties

Minister of State, PMO, and V Narayansamy on Monday, August 12, 2013 tabled the Right to Information (RTI) Amendment Bill in the Lok Sabha, which will keep political parties out of its ambit. The bill will be taken up for discussion in Parliament in a week's time.

If the amendments into the RTI Act is passed by Parliament, political parties will no longer be answerable to RTI queries.

Who fears the Right to Information Act?
For me only a criminal person or an organization involved in looting of India fears Right to Information Act.

Right to Information Act = Honesty

For Jan Lokpal Bill political parties fought with each other and intelligently saw that the bill went to dust bin.

When they decide about salary increase all political parties, unite.

Few weeks back Central Information Commission on June 3, which held that all political parties were public authorities under section 2(h) of the Act.

The CIC order had described


2)Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

3)Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)

4)Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)

5)Communist Party of India (CPI)

6)Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M)

As political authorities.

After this fearing the Right to information act, fearing the honesty

All parties united and they decided to introduce bring an amendment to Right to Information Act

As per new amendments
Section 2(h) of the Act will now read as "authority or body or institution of self-government established or constituted by any law made by Parliament shall not include any association or body of individuals registered or recognized as political party under the Representation of the People Act, 1951."

Similarly, after section 31 of the Act, the amendment will include "notwithstanding anything contained in any judgment, decree or order of any court of commission, the provision of this Act, as amended by the Right to Information (Amendment) Act, 2013, shall have effect and shall be deemed always to have effect, in the case of any association or body of individuals registered or recognized as political party under the representation of the Peoples Act, 1951 or any other law for the time being in force and the rules made or notifications issued thereunder."

The above move of all the political parties show that political parties that govern the country are unaccountable and above law. This is absolutely undemocratic and opaque.

Hindu reported that Maja Daruwala of the [CHRI ] Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative has written to the Lok Sabha Speaker to use her "powers and influence" to ensure that the Bill is not put to vote in a hasty manner. "Instead I urge you to refer such an amendment Bill to a Standing Committee or a Select Committee of the House to facilitate widespread public consultation on the subject. This will be in keeping with the Central Government’s assurance given to Parliament in 2009 that the RTI Act will not be amended without public consultation

Now as an Indian how can you oppose this move or how can you show you oppose the government move

Majority Indians fear to call their MPs or political parties regarding such issues.

Majority times Indians call them and request them we will pay but restore our connections like this it works.

Below are the few online campaigns where you can sign and show your protest

Suresh Ediga, a software engineer based in New Jersey, USA came up with an innovative campaign idea: RTI Call-a-Thon. The idea was to call constituency MP and ask them their personal opinion on whether they thought the political parties should be left out of the RTI Act as well as to ask them to vote against it

An RTI Call-a-Thon
Sign the petition by Green Peace below is the link


Petition by
National Campaign for People's Right to Information (NCPRI) India
Delhi, India



If you are a blogger just write an article

Share the article or information about how one oppose the move of united political parties

Once again, this proves that India never had an opposition political party
All political parties are same with only one intention to become the King of India and seat on the throne, which British King left 

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Monday, August 12, 2013

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rudraprayaga August 14, 2013  

For obtaining illegal or legal recognition, both the ruling and opposition parties stand together.