07 May 2013

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Why China Pulled back its army troops from Indian Territory DBO

Why China Pulled back its army troops from Indian Territory DBO

First China entered into Indian Territory in Ladakh, after 20 days of talking and requesting by Indian politicians China withdrew its troops back.

So what happened and why China withdrew its Troops back.

Do you think, because of fear factor of Indian politicians or negotiations between Indian Politicians and Chinese Leadership?

No China did not pull back its troop because of above reasons.

India started to build the bunkers and develop Indian land, which is near to border.

India wanted to build seven bunkers and Indian completed construction of one Bunker.

Chinese leadership did not like this, they told to Indian government to stop building the bunkers.

Indian government ignored it.

Now Dragon became very upset on India and He ordered his troops to enter into Indian Territory fearlessly.

And they entered into Indian Territory fearlessly.

After that, also, nothing happened, then Indian News channels got this news about Dragon entering Indian Territory, and suddenly it became the national issue.

Then Indian ruling politicians decided, discussed and requested Chinese Leadership
Please, Please Please Please, Please Please
Please, Please Please

Withdrew your troops from our land next year in 2014 we have to face the elections we have to face the Indian population,

Then Dragon said OK OK I will think on that,

Then Indian politicians promised them that we will stop building bunkers we will obey you
We will listen you.

Then Dragon became happy and he ordered we would withdrew the bunkers.

And then after 20 days, Dragon became happy and he withdrew.

I think this may have happened.

Media reported that Indian politicians struck no deal with and gave no concession to Beijing to resolve the border crisis.

Media has not reported in how many years remaining six bunkers will be built by Indian government.

The Chinese have withdrawn from Raki Nalla, 30 km south of Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO), an advanced landing ground built by India in north Ladakh.

DBO overlooks the Karakoram Pass and the crucial Karakoram Highway that connects China and Pakistan.

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

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Destination Infinity May 07, 2013  

Moving in troops into others territory (like this) will invite a lot of backlash from various countries across the world. If China continues such silly negotiation tactics, some other countries might take advantage of the situation. After all, China is not the only dominant power in the world, and they already have poor relationship with major powers.

Destination Infinity

Sandhya May 07, 2013  

Should we say this is 'silly' or feel sorry for the state of affairs in both the countries. Why can't they live and let live, peacefully in their own territories?

Renu May 07, 2013  

I feel the same as DI..

MEcoy May 07, 2013  

China also having problem with india huh, well we also have a bit of a dispute regarding territory issue