07 May 2013

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Mumbai NSUI suspended President Suraj Singh Thakur for naked dancing

Mumbai NSUI suspended President Suraj Singh Thakur for naked dancing

National Students Union of India (NSUI) has suspended Suraj Singh Thakur, president of the Mumbai unit of the student’s wing of Congress, for allegedly dancing naked at a party function in the Mumbai suburb of Kandivli last month.

Thakur was reportedly drunk during the function and was caught on camera allegedly dancing naked in the NSUI camp held in Kandvili on April 14.

We must remember it was a private party.

In college days such incidents happen, now he was suspended for naked dancing, what about corrupt politicians who even change the CBI report.

One can give him warning not to do it again or repeat it again or be carefully which is done whenever a big corruption scam comes out in Public domain, all politicians start to say that it was done by previous government, I just followed it, now we will improve we will change the laws etc.

In heart they say we will be more careful and create such laws that common citizens automatically start to live the life of slaves without even realizing it.

Fearful life means a life of a slave who has to think anything before doing or saying in general life or online life, because Facebook comment can land a comment citizen in Jail.

I do not think dancing naked is a crime, biggger crime is corruption But in India punishment is given only to small or minor crimes which do not hurt society, but big and large criminals they never get the punishment.

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

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MEcoy May 07, 2013  

he should think first before he did that