20 May 2013

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How to become a legal IPL Cricket Match Fixing Cricket Player

How to become  a legal IPL Cricket Match Fixing Cricket Player

When there is no punishment for a crime indirectly then for that person only those crimes become legal.

Now and then, we hear about Cricket Match, IPL Match, and Cricket Fixing.

Recently Indian Police arrested three Cricket Players for Spot Fixing, so what one learns from this,
If you are cricket, player and you also want to do fixing in cricket matches
Here is solution how one can become a perfect cricket match IPL cricket match fixer.

Cricket Player in India is God for majority Indians.

Following are the stages through which if you go You can became a successful cricket player and you will become a master of  Cricket fixing , Champion of Spot Fixing and God of all Cricket Crimes.

Do the hard work and become popular cricket player, take the help of Media managers who will do your publicity as a great cricket player.

Once you are popular do some social service in your hometown, just donating few thousand Rupees now and then doing showing the people that you like social service.

Start to attend police functions, do free shows for them or free attendance in their shows.

Now study the political parties, which are present in your hometown and see that which party is favorable to you.

Once you select the party, meet the High Command of that party, express desire to become a Lower or Upper House Member of Parliament.

As became of your social service and media managers you are a famous cricket, High Command will agree and you will get the election ticket.

As a cricketer, you are a God so 100% you will become elected politician you will win the elections.

Once you become a Politician Now Police cannot record your telephone conversations.

Now as you are a politician bookies can openly come to meet you and you can tell them they got personal problems so they came to meet.

For wild life and sexual parties, you can visit Europe or Thailand or USA officially and there you can enjoy the parties officially in protection of Z security.

As a politician, you do not have any accountability and you do not need to attend any upper or lower house sessions so do not worry about that.

So be an intelligent cricket player and become a politician if you want to do corruption legally and in the protection of Indian police.
Be a elected  MP and keep playing cricket and have a fun , just time to time to do visits to poor families and keep paying media managers properly.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

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Pradeep May 20, 2013  

Hillarious and very very true to the hilt. Agree with your views,,,