19 April 2013

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Know 21 Tips Ideas to keep home cool beat the heat beat the summer

Know 21 Tips Ideas to keep home cool beat the heat beat the summer

When its summer and very hot and do not have the air condition what to do?
How to beat the heat and summer?

List of 21 ideas tips to keep home cool and beat the heat summer.

If you are planning to buy the Fan Go for Bigger fans, ceiling fans, move more
Air with less speed and noise

Get a big container or empty water bucket fill the empty container or water bucket with the ice cubes homemade ice cubes or you can buy the ice.
Now keep that container or ice bucket below the Fan or in front of fan, this will create more cool air in the room.

Get the ice cubes and a towel keep all the ice cubes inside the towel and tie the towel properly now  put this towel in front of Fan this will also create the more cool air in the room.

Buy the cooling pad from medical store or hospital and use it, keep it on neck time to time or on legs or how you wish.

Get a spray bottle fill it with a cold water and spray it on shirt little bit time to time , damp shirt will keep you cool make you relax you can use this same idea before the sleep, damp the blanket and before using it.

Try to use Bamboo Mats, Bamboo Mats do not retain body heat thus stay cool

If Blue ice, chemical ice is available you can use it also Blue ice freezes at lower temperatures than ice, and stays cold longer.
If possible, get the larger blocks. Freeze them in the freezer when you are not using them
They do not get damp when they melt the chemical stays inside.

Buy "sinus packs" or "thermal sleeves" and use them to stay cool.

How to make ICE Pack at home?
Place some GREEN dish soap in a bag style container.
Fill approximately 1/4 of the bag space with soap, and place it in the freezer
Green Soap holds the cold temperature longer than ice

Before Sleeping take a shower with cold water this will also help to stay cool and give you good night sleep.
Avoid shower or bath with very hot water.

In summer start to use Cotton shirts and Pants
Avoid Jeans

Fill a plastic bottle with water and freeze it. Put it in front of a fan it will help give you more cool air.

Keep all doors and windows, curtains closed throughout the hottest
Part of the day.  After evening time if you feel outside air is cool, open the windows

Incandescent light bulbs also create heat - switch to compact fluorescents or

Turn off all lamps, TV, laptops, when you are not using them.
They also generate Heat.

Start to use white sheets over furniture.
Light-colored fabric will reflect heat instead of absorbing it

Use silk or satin pillowcases, and sateen sheets.
These fabrics will feel smoother and cooler as you sleep

Drink Water frequently, Drink Lemon Water, or Lemon Juice
Food Fruits to beat the heat –
Water Melon






Never drink alcohol to try to stay cool.

Stay Cool Read light books, See Comedy Serials Read the Jokes be Happy

Last and most important if all above does not help you,
Locate or Find a Shopping Mall or Shopping Centers, which use the Air Condition in summer, just visit them and do the time pass.

Go to ATM, now days many ATM got the AC installed go there with draw 200 Rs. from savings account, and do the time pass inside ATM

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Friday, April 19, 2013

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rudraprayaga April 19, 2013  

Good ideas.Visit in shopping mall is quite common with youngsters.

MEcoy April 19, 2013  

wow i think this is what i need the most!

Destination Infinity April 19, 2013  

LOL @ 20,21. Other points are very useful SM. Thanks for this article. I am going to revisit it during May when 'Kathiri' veyil (Scissor heat) starts in Chennai. I will need each and every point mentioned above :)

Destination Infinity

deeps April 20, 2013  

this is such a good one

Usha April 22, 2013  

sm, Thanks for sharing very good tips to beat the heat during hot summer days, Keeping bucket or tray filled with ice cubes in front of fan is good tip..I will use it this summer in kitchen, where I place small fan on the floor.

Going to Mall and spending time is very commonly followed in America to save home AC bills. In winter all senior citizens walk in the mall to keep up their walking routine.