19 April 2013

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CAG Report Maharashtra 45 Years 43,270.01 crore Spent Result 426 incomplete projects

CAG Report  Maharashtra 45 Years 43,270.01 crore Spent Result 426 incomplete projects

The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India, presented its report for the year ending March 2012 to the State Assembly said
Rs. 43,270.01 crore were totally spent on 426 incomplete projects in Maharashtra and this has led to cost overruns of around Rs. 27,000 crore

NCP held the irrigation portfolio for 14 years since 1999.

In 242 projects, the collective cost has escalated by Rs. 26,617.26 crore from Rs. 7,215.03 crore to Rs. 33,832.29 crore.

The projects, which had cost overruns above Rs. 800 crore, include

Kukadi =cost overrun Rs 2,152.98 crore

Krishna Marathwada irrigation project =Rs. 2,462.55 crore

Lower Dudhna =Rs. 997.37 crore

Nandur Madhmeshwar =Rs. 817.60 crore

Waghur =Rs. 1,171.27 crore

Lower Tapi =Rs. 985.10 crore

Shelgaon Barrage medium project = Rs. 870.02 crore

Bodwad Parisar Sinchan Yojana =Rs. 819.09 crore

Koyana Hydro Electric Power Station IV=Rs. 1,091.27 crore

All these irrigation projects were started commenced five to 45 years ago,
Still they are not complete.

CAG said that Kukadi project started in Year 1967 with a target date of completion of five years (1972) but still the project is incomplete.

CAG said that costs of  projects soared from 7,200 crores to nearly 32,000 crores but still projects dams and canals are incomplete.

Opposition parties said that in the last 10 years, 70,000 crores had been spent on canals and dams,  but only 0.1% percent was added to the area under irrigation.

Maharashtra Government has appointed a special investigation team, led by irrigation expert Madhav Chitale, to look into “irrigation scam”

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Friday, April 19, 2013

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