22 April 2013

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How Fake Call Centers from India Cheat UK US Bank Customers

How Fake Call Centers from India Cheat UK US Bank Customers

First Understand that US and UK banking is different from Indian Banking, our Indian banks have just started on that path, like credit score etc.

In a US bank if anyone wants a loan bank manager can just press the few buttons on his laptop and he gets to see the full details of the American citizen who wants the loan, he cannot cheat the bank by faking his identity or credit score.

Thus, defaulters want to improve their credit score, which can help them to get the new loans.

Because of above tendency they are easy targets to cheat.

First in India the people who want to cheat the US, UK bank customers open a call center in a rented flat in a city.

They get the internet connection lease line.

Any studious network engineer can easily route the call in such a way that it will become very difficult to trace the location of call
UK or US customer thinks that the call is from his own country, as caller is a fluent in English with accent.

Fake Call Center  hires the boys and girls who can speak fluently English with UK or US accent.

Now they buy the information of UK bank customers or US who are loan defaulter.

For this list, they pay only one or two American dollar maximum for each bank customer contact, information details who are bank loan defaulters

The contact details contains following information



contact number

loan amount

loan year

bank account information

other details

Now the fake call center is ready to make the calls, they got the information of customer, they got the English speaking employees, they got the lease line, configured properly to fool the US or UK  Bank Customer.

For this purpose, they use the Skype, or temporally lease line or VPN services that give 100% privacy and their call is routed with the privacy.

Before making the fake call to bank customers they study how the bank debt collection agency operates

Now the boys or girls who are hired make their call to UK bank customers or US and tell them
They represent the bank debt collection agency.

They talk with the customer regarding the loan payments, tell them they can help him or her to avoid legal action by the bank and they offer them solutions like

credit repair

debt re-consolidation service

renegotiate debt

obtain low-interest loans and repay the previous loans

offer loans without asking for guarantee

The bank customers become happy and agree to them, they agree to do what is told by the fake bank debt collection agent.

They agents or call center does not collet the cash directly from the bank customer to hide the identity.

First, know How the Voucher is used?
Voucher has a 19-digit number; anyone who gets that number can use that money on internet.
Thus, anyone who got the 19-digit number becomes the owner of that xyz amount.

The fake agent tells the bank customer who is worried to purchase a pre-paid cash voucher, such as ‘Ukase’ voucher, which ranges between 90 and 250 UK pounds.

After this bank customer buys the voucher, once he buys the voucher he gives the 19-digit number to the fake agent.

Customer thinks that he has started a process to reduce his loan something like this.

Now here as soon as fake agent gets the 19 digit password to that voucher it is utilized by them on the sites which allow them to use it.

Example – Internet Betting Sites.

When they enter the code, it is like depositing cash, and betting is started but before the end of game the cheats stop the betting them.

When they do this, they lose, little bit amount to the betting site and betting site pays them remaining funds in cash.

Now the money is deposited in a bank.

Still Money is in UK or US.

Now through Money wire transfer like Liberty Reserve the money comes to India.

The agents who are in India take 5-10% commission and deliver the hard cash at the doorstep of the call center owners.

In this way UK customer or US gets fooled and he loses his money before his or her realization the call center gets vanished from India to different location or a flat with new internet connection to cheat new contacts.

Above method is also used by the Hawala dealers who help to make the blank money of Indian citizens into white money.

So beware Prevention is better that Cure, in above such cases there is no Cure or cure getting money back is very rare.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

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Content Hedgehog April 22, 2013  

Cheating bank customers? That's not cool.

MEcoy April 22, 2013  

that's a new type of fraud huh you can never know whom to trust

Destination Infinity April 22, 2013  

I wonder why employees work in such jobs and how they are able to keep their operations underground? This money can be traced back to its entire cycle, if people want to. I wonder why the US Govt. is not pressurizing the Indian Govt. to act against these frauds?

Destination Infinity

Unknown August 01, 2014  

I am from India and i can tell that most Calls are scams if someone calls you saying they are from some company Microsoft have hired just hang up the phone.I got a job in a call center and they told me that the organization had affiliations with Microsoft but during my training period i found out that the company was scamming people in the name of tech support after 3 days of training i left cause i did not want to cheat people and earn.75% of these tech support companies are fake and the people there are worthless .