22 April 2013

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Lobbying by Government of India in USA is Legal but Not Walmart in USA

Lobbying by Government of India in USA is Legal but Not Walmart in USA

Indian government has spent $180,000 (about Rs. one crore) to its lobbyists in Washington in the first quarter of 2013 over Indo-US bilateral relationship

On behalf of India, BGR has lobbied at the
US Senate,
The House of Representatives,
US Trade Representative (USTR),
Department of State and Department of Commerce in the area of Indo-US bilateral relations.

the Indian government has paid its lobbyist firm, Barbour Griffith & Rogers LLC (BGR), close to $5 million (over Rs. 25 crore) since it began lobbying in the US in September 2005, shows the Congressional records of lobbying disclosure reports filed in Washington.

Lobbying in USA is legal
Following are the names of companies who also spent money on Lobbying in USA

1)    ONGC Videsh Ltd -

ONGC Videsh, which began lobbying in the US this year itself, paid $20,000 to its lobby firm Patton Boggs LLC

2)    Software industry body Nasscom

3)    Sterling Biotech

Now this is another example in India which shows that in India we do not have any type of equality in law.

A probe is currently underway in India over retail giant Wal-Mart’s US lobbying activities for its Indian entry.

The probe was ordered after disclosures related to Wal-Mart’s lobbying generated an intense political debate late last year.

If it was crime then why government of India is spending on lobbying?

Why Government of India is not probing other Indian companies who spent money on Lobbying?

If some government officer wants a bribe what he will do ,
he will find the excuses and start a probe against company,
then to avoid the harassment the company will pay the bribes to politicians and those government officers then and everyone becomes happy and loot of Indian citizens starts.

You will say why company does not go to Court.

In India our laws are faulty and encourage the corruption
and does not teach any type of lesson to a wrong door
thus companies end up paying bribes to avoid the wrong investigations and in this way the bribe circle starts and companies start to do anything what they want
by paying bribe the companies know that They can do anything illegally in India as they can  buy the politicians and change the reports or reduce fines do anything

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Monday, April 22, 2013

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Janie April 23, 2013  

Lobbying is accepted in the U.S., although I think it's a bad idea and undermines our democracy. However, as long as it's openly reported, we at least have a chance to keep an eye on lobbying activities and the response of our Congressmen to it.

SM April 23, 2013  


In India also lobbying happens but under table behind closed doors and black money is paid.

Lobbying = White Money Honesty

No Lobbying means = Dishonest and generation and use of Black Money and starts loot of citizens.

MEcoy April 23, 2013  

another great post sm

Saru Singhal April 23, 2013  

You know what I am against, forget lobbying or anything, in India half of the political parties are against development for political reasons and when growth happens the model is outdated and implementation redundant.