21 March 2013

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Future Goals of China the next super power of Asia Simple Solution to Control Rising power of China

Future Goals of China the next super power of Asia Simple Solution to Control Rising power of China

China is an emerging super power county

Does it mean China will fight with US?

No China will not fight war with US, But china will try to take the full control of Asian region from the hands of US.

Because of Global Trade China Needs US and US Needs China and both nations will fight on the issue who will control the Asian region.

What are the future goals and aims of China directly or Indirectly?

To take control of Taiwan and make it a part of China.

regaining the Diaoyu or Senkaku islands from Japan

taking back sovereignty of the South China Sea

China claims and wants 90,000 sq. km of land in Arunachal Pradesh –south Tibet. Currently Arunachal Pradesh is part of India.

38,000 sq. km in the western sector in Aksai Chin, which is currently under Chinese control and disputed by India.


Russia, but China does not focus on Russia, as they know they need the support of Russia when they will fight with India.

Philippines - China has rejected the Philippines’ attempt to seek international arbitration over conflicting claims to territory in the South China Sea, China is fighting with Philippines also.

Tibet – Hundreds of Monks in Tibet have committed suicide but no one dares to talk about it even India or US or UN

River dispute with India , China is planning to build the dams on rivers

Make Chinese Currency Global Currency , Replace it with Dollar and Euro

Make Chinese Currency a trading currency of Globe

Foreign Policy Solution is simple to stop the growing power of China.

A  Military Pact contract between India, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines
A simple contract if ever because of any reason, China attacks any of above four nations, these four nations will declare war against china and will fought together without asking reason why China made first attack.

I am sure power of four will defeat any enemy from whichever direction enemy attacks he will know that he will be attack by four countries same time and same date without waiting for invitation to Join war or help message.

As war is not good for any nation, Let’s Hope China will never go war with any nation.

As I am sure, India will never attack China.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2013

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Destination Infinity March 21, 2013  

I don't think China will attack India or any other country either. These days, countries get what they want through threats and other diplomatic means, than by a full-out war. No citizen anywhere in the world wants a war.

Besides, Dollar and Euro (at least in the future) are stronger and more widely accepted forms of currency. China lags behind in the adoption and proficiency of English - India has a huge advantage on this point.

Instead of worrying too much about China, we should learn how they managed to convert an almost similar economy into a vibrant one and put their country on a fast-track. We could monitor and implement some schemes that have worked in China, instead of providing subsidy over subsidy and useless govt. schemes.

Destination Infinity

SM March 22, 2013  

@Destination Infinity

Never forget the story of chini hindi bhai bhai.

MEcoy March 22, 2013  

well about that territory claims
according to laws it's ours
but according to their history it's theirs