20 March 2013

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FIR registered against 5 MLA, Thakur, Kadam others who thrashed beat the Policeman Sachin Suryavanshi

FIR registered  against 5 MLA, Thakur, Kadam others  who thrashed beat the Policeman Sachin Suryavanshi

Updated on – Thursday, March 21, 2013

Who is Sachin Suryavanshi?

He is sub-inspector of Worli traffic police.

What was the crime of sub-inspector of Worli traffic police, Sachin Suryavanshi?

Media reported that last week  Police Sachin Suryavanshi stopped the speeding vehicle of elected politician Thakur, an MLA from the Bahujan Vikas Aghadi (BVA) on the Bandra-Worli Sea link.

Suryavanshi had fined Kshitij for driving at 101kmph on the Worli Sea Link, twice the permissible speed limit.

It is the duty of every police to stop the speeding vehicle and fine them.

After this incident , MLA Thakur moved the breach of privilege motion against the cop, narrating the incident and claiming that Suryavanshi had refused to divulge details of sections imposed on his speeding car and later threatened him with "dire consequences".

After this,  Elected Politicians  MLAs demanded immediate action in this case.

As upper house was rocked by the angry MLAs elected politicians
The elected politicians who control the police force ordered him to go on
sent on forced leave until an inquiry is complete regarding the politician’s complaint whose car was stopped for speeding.

Thakur also got the sign of 25 elected politicians MLAs demanding  action in this matter.

As privileged motion was moved by elected politician MLAs  Sachin Suryavanshi
Was called to be present in an Upper House.

When Sachin Suryavanshi went to the Upper House to attend the privilege motion proceeding a group of legislators roughed up a traffic policeman.
over a dozen MLAs led by Thakur and Kadam stepped out and beat up the  cop in the corridor for almost 10 minutes.
He was dragged out from the visitors' gallery where he was seated, kicked, and punched till security officials rescued him.
He was rushed to hospital. Suryavanshi has suffered blunt trauma in his chest, neck, and abdomen.

It is not important  someone is beaten for 1 minute or 10 minute beating is beating.
Crime is a crime.

Now A first information report was registered by the Marine Drive police against at least 15 legislators, including Nalasopara MLA Kshitij Thakur and the MNS's Ram Kadam, whom the injured policeman had named.

The case has been transferred to the Mumbai crime branch and joint CP Himanshu Roy has been asked to head the probe.
FIR mentions about following IPC sections.

Sections 353 (assaulting public servant)

Section 506(2) (criminal intimidation)

Section 341 (wrongful restraint)

Section 145 (unlawful assembly)

Section 146 and 147 (rioting)

Media reported that FIR mentions names of five MLAs
They include Kshitij, Ram Kadam of the MNS, Rajan Salvi and Pradeep Jaiswal of the Shiv Sena
and Jaykumar Rawal of the BJP.

The others are being identified from CCTV and cellphone camera footage.

In how many days or Years you think the final result will come?

MLA  Kshitij Thakur is the lone MLA of the Bahujan Vikas Party, set up by his father Hitendra Thakur, a former legislator whose family has in the past been accused of links with the underworld.

He supports Congress and NCP government.

Now in this case what will happen?

Do you think CCTV footage tape will get stolen, lost, or destroyed?

Do you think as in India elected Politician  are like kings and citizens are servants or slaves of the politicians in such any citizen should dare to go against   the Politician?

Do you think Police Suryavanshi should withdraw  the case by saying that  they were angry and they hit me it was not done purposefully?

Do you think?

May be thinking is also banned?

Updated on – Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Maharashtra Legislative Assembly suspended five MLAs for the rest of the year, for assaulting a police officer in the Vidhan Bhavan premises

During the suspension period that is  till December 31, 2013
the MLAs will  barred from participating in the proceedings, and  will not be allowed to enter the legislature premises in Mumbai and Nagpur.

Those suspended for their involvement in the incident are:

Name [ Political Party Name ]

Ram Kadam (MNS)

Jaykumar Rawal (BJP)

Kshitij Thakur (Bahujan Vikas Agadhi)

Rajan Salvi (Shiv Sena)

Pradeep Jaiswal (Independent)

If same crime is done by a common citizen of India, he is immediately arrested by the Police.

But how can police arrest the Kings of country?

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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BK Chowla, March 20, 2013  

My take on this.
He will deny.
They will install an enquiry commission.
Enquiry will find him not guilty.
He will walk free.
Govt is based on numbers,hence everyone is a supporter.

Renu March 20, 2013  

Dont know what will happen, but would like too see such politicians punished..

MEcoy March 20, 2013  

well i must say he did a pretty good job
i mean to do that on a politician he was noble
he deserve to be rewarded