02 August 2012

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Why Team Anna Should form a political party Support Encourage Team Anna to form a political party

Why Team Anna Should form a political party Support Encourage Team Anna to form a political party
Updated on Friday, August 03, 2012

Anna Hazare tried his best to give Indian citizens a law called as Jan Lokpal Bill, a perfect law that will end 75% corruption from India.

Today every political party has one and only aim to get elected and make money by hook or crook.

Today every political party is in favor and they work in that way to keep  Indian citizens divided on the name of caste and religion, sub caste and sub religion.

No Indian Political party has aim to end the corruption or moral policing from the India.

Now Team Anna got the two choices regarding  2014 Elections ?

Option No.1  - Only Support Good Candidates and help them win elections.

Option No. 2 – Form a Political Party for the betterment of India a good option to Indian citizens

Team Anna should travel to every city, request good citizens to send their Bio data who want to contest the elections.
Then Team Anna will choose 554 good candidates
In addition, will support and do the hard work for them so they will win the elections

Now suppose 375 candidates win the Lok Sabha elections.

Now they are not united and other political parties tell them join us and we will give you  1000 Million dollars  that will be deposited in Swiss Bank and no one will know about this.
As our Indian laws also forbid declaring the names of corrupt Indian who keep bank accounts in other nations and rob the entire country.

Not united individual elected members will fight with each other on petty reasons and they will join other parties and Purpose of Team Anna will fail.

We must remember it is easy to break the 1 Branch and it is very difficult to break  bundle of 10 branches, united 10 branches.

We must remember if any army wants to win the war it needs a leader who will guide them and will solve the problems of every army man in this case elected Member of Parliament.

It is very easy to blackmail individual candidate but it is very difficult when a political party is standing behind the elected candidate.

Today why Anna Hazare is not getting success reason is simple no backing of Political Party.
No political party  is interested to pass Jan Lokpal Bill.

Reason to form a political Party

Political Party will give power to every elected member and supporter.

Only through Political Party,  Jan Lokpal Bill will get passed 

Its very easy to break individual candidate not the political party

Individual candidates will fail to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill and other reforms.

We want a permanent solution if Political Party is not formed  then what will happen in the 2019 elections?

Everyone has to  die one day , thus only a good Political Party will keep hopes alive for the good government.

Let us hope Anna Hazare will declare tomorrow intention to form a political party.

Updated on Friday, August 03, 2012

Today Team Anna decided to form a political party and contest 2014 lower house, Lok Sabha elections.

Anna Hazare will not contest elections.

Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal said that
Parliament has to be purified.
There will be no high command.
People will decide the candidates and they will fund it,"
We will have to throw this government out.
It is a long fight.
This is not a party.
It will be a movement from the streets to Parliament.

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Thursday, August 02, 2012

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Destination Infinity August 03, 2012  

If Team Anna forms a political party, I might vote for the first time in my life during 2014 elections.

Destination Infinity

MEcoy August 03, 2012  

if there's anyone who's deserving maybe its them