02 August 2012

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Team Anna Asks Suggestion regarding Political Party Team Anna to End fast tomorrow

Team Anna Asks Suggestion regarding Political Party Team Anna to End fast tomorrow

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New Delhi –
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Anna Hazare and his team members will call off their fast against corruption at 5 pm on Friday as no political party is in favor of bringing Lokpal or end the corruption from India.

Today Anna Hazare in his speech ask the few important questions to the citizens of India Should Team Anna Join Politics
He said that there is nothing wrong with forming a party...
We need to provide an alternative to the people

Team Anna ask the questions to the citizens of India that

Do you have any hope from the existing political parties?

Should Annaji provide a political alternative to the country?

Anna said he will not join politics but will give the alternative to the citizens of India.

He said, if a political party needs to be formed to bring change in the country, then so be it,”

Anna Hazare said
We have to see how to choose good people who will enter parliament?

Still it is not clear
Team Anna will launch a political party or  only find good  candidates in every city and village support them in elections.

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Thursday, August 02, 2012

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virendra sharma August 02, 2012  

सुबह ही सुबह अच्छा समाचार मिला है केजरीवाल जी का डायबेटिक स्टेटस और भूख हड़ताल संवेदना शून्य मौन सिंह (माउं और पूडल सिंह )की सरकार के समक्ष बेकार ही जाना था एक बेश कीमती जान आगे काम आयेगी .
सितारों से आगे जहां और भी हैं ,
तेरे सामने इम्तिहान और भी हैं .
राजनीतिक पार्टी की अगुवाई अन्ना जी ,पार्टी अध्यक्ष के रूप में करें ,सब पे लगाम कसें ,...
Thank you SM for this News and your views.

MEcoy August 03, 2012  

responsible voting is that is?