02 August 2012

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RTI reveals Hockey is not National Game of India Government says to 10-year-old Aishwarya Parashar

RTI reveals Hockey is not National Game of India Government says to 10-year-old Aishwarya Parashar

Until today, I thought Hockey was the national Game of India but today
Right to information act opened the eyes.

Lucknow based 10 year old Aishwarya Parashar filed an right to information application to the Prime Minister’s office seeking certified copies of orders related to declaration of National anthem, song, sport, animal, bird, flower and symbol.

After this PMO transferred the application to the Home Ministry

Then Home Ministry forwarded the application to Ministry  of Youth Affairs and Sport.

In a reply, Sports Ministry under Secretary Shiv Pratap Singh Tomar wrote in Hindi to Aishwarya that the ministry has not declared any sport or game to be the National Game.

This means that India has no national game.
Hockey is not national game of India

Until now, every Indian learned that Hockey is the national game of India and even we wrote about it proudly even government web portals also say

Hockey is the national game of India.

Now let us hope now Indian government will declare Hockey as the National game of India

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Thursday, August 02, 2012

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ashok August 02, 2012  

shocking news really!

Usha August 02, 2012  

They should have double checked before replying...hope they amend the reply and declare hockey as national game.

Sm, this particular post I could not click on title..I see gap from date to title..I clicked read more... also if you see right side of my blog, title is missing for this post but your blog is pulled up with latest update..Not an issue, just thought of telling you.

SM August 03, 2012  


thanks for feedback i have corrected the problem.

MEcoy August 03, 2012  

ohh really well f indian people loves hockey it should be your national game

Narender Netha August 08, 2012  

Let us hope Cricket will be made our national game.