09 August 2012

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No Money for Food Expenses Rs. 77000 Crore Congress Plans to Give mobile to every poor man

No Money for Food Expenses Rs. 77000 Crore  Congress Plans to Give mobile to every poor man

Currently Government has failed on every front and every Indian thinks that Congress is going to lose the elections or may see the reduction in number of winning seats.

Problem with India is that we do not have any opposition party in India.
All political parties are same with only one aim and motto
Get Elected and Make Money and live life King Size

Government does not have money for subsidy or building schools or giving money to farmers.

Now Media has reported that Congress, UPA government is close to finalizing Rs. 77,000 crore scheme to provide one mobile
phone for every Below Poverty Line household in the country.

Scheme will be called as Har haath mein phone
In English this means that Phone in Every Hand.

As per above scheme with every mobile the poor household will get
200 minutes of free local talk time.

According to media reports, telecom department's Universal Service Obligation (USO) funds would fund half the cost and the remaining would come from the bidder who will provide the service.

Reason is only one to gain the votes.

Most important question is which company will provide the mobile phone?

Which company will give Rs. 200 talk time?

The scheme got lot of opportunities to do corruption if one corrupt mind wishes

What will happen after free talk time?

Does government will again give Rs. 200 talk time?
If scheme fails and money is wasted who will be responsible?

A farmer whose cattle’s are dying, a poor father who cannot pay the education of his daughter what he will do with the mobile as an Intelligent father he will sell the mobile phone or he will sell his talk time on a nearby paan shop.

Currently it is estimated that unutilized USOF fund is more than Rs.25, 000 Crore and
it is estimated that this will increase to Rs 36,000 crore by 2013.

The reason for mobile subsidy is that [planning commission said that] in village’s telecom penetration is only 30% which is very less.

Indian citizens do not have food to eat, poor Indian citizens do not have shelter in cold
And poor citizens, and poor Indian mothers die on road while giving birth to babies.

Now as fund is for telecom then also subsidy for mobile phone use is not right.

The funds should be used in such a manner that the benefits will be forever.

Example - how the fund should be utilized?

1. fund can be used to lay broadband cables so Internet will reach to poor villagers and using internet they will get the knowledge about agriculture and many other things.

2. Telecom towers need the energy , the solar plants can be built in the villages which will not only help to give energy to telecom towers, they will help farmers and it will help the whole village many ways, as many villages in India today also get light only for few hours that few hours are also not guaranteed.

In short, the fund should be used towards the good benefits, the benefit which will be forever.

If mobile phone or landline phone bill is subsidized what will happen?

The mobile companies or telephone companies will become rich.

Once the subsidy is over the villagers will stop using mobile or landline which ever they get.

Third is corruption, villagers will buy the connections and they will resell that connection to the people who are staying in cities.

Who will control this corruption?

What if telecom or mobile companies show the fake sales and fake customers and do the corruption of Rs. 250 + Rs. 300

Just consider that telecom company shows 100,000 fake telecom connections and earn that is get the subsidy of just Rs. 250 for each connection.

So what is the amount of corruption?

100,000 Multiply 250 = Rs.25000000 Corruption Amount for showing only one Lakh fake customers.

And there will be no one to check this and control this.

Regarding this, I wrote in the past in January 2012.
Below is the link

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Thursday, August 09, 2012

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RCB August 09, 2012  

Well, I'm normally not shocked by what politicians have thought of next, but this one's on a completely different level. Free mobile phones so people can vote when there's no money for food? Freakin' hell may they all burn where it's really hot.

Saru Singhal August 09, 2012  

What! This can happen only in our country. Shame!

BK Chowla, August 09, 2012  

This is one step towards elections.
Only a total revolution can save India

MEcoy August 09, 2012  

i agree maybe a total revolution might be the answer