08 August 2012

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Know 10 Demands of Ramdev Baba Ramdev Baba start his second Protest on Ramlila Maidan

Know 10 Demands of Ramdev Baba Ramdev Baba start his second Protest on Ramlila Maidan

India - New Delhi -

Last year in the middle of night, Ramdev Baba and his supporters got the danda of Indian police but once again, Ramdev Baba is back with more power to take on government.

Support Ramdev Baba Cause and his demands even if you do not like him otherwise end you know like Jan Lokpal Bill once again Indian citizens will get nothing.

From Tomorrow Ramdev Baba will start another round of indefinite protest demanding bringing back black money stashed abroad.

This time Ramdev Baba has added new demands.

Following are the Ten demands of Ramdev Baba

Bring Black Money from Abroad

Declare Black Money as National Property

Strong Lokpal Bill

making CBI independent

more transparent procedure for appointing Election Commissioners, CAG, CVC and CBI Director

Public Service Delivery Guarantee

Complete Revamp of Education System

Revamp of Taxation system

100% Transparency regarding FDI Foreign Direct Investment

The loot of our minerals and natural resources must stop

Ramdev Baba told to media that tomorrow I will start from an ashram at Sabarmati at 6 am. Tomorrow I will flag off a people's revolution. This is a revolt that will be of 121 crore Indians. He said Crores of Indians will join his protest.

If government does not agree to our demands, then there will be a second phase to this revolution. We will seek support from other political parties to stand up against corruption.

Maidan means ground
Danda means a stick

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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

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MEcoy August 09, 2012  

another thing against corruption nice one

sukumar August 10, 2012  

Jay Baba Ram - door bhago corruption