01 August 2012

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FBI deployes System Sentinel Becomes Digital Automated Fully Computerized

FBI deployes System Sentinel Becomes Digital Automated Fully Computerized
FBI No. 1 Investigative Agency
FBI Number of Agents = 21,000 or more

Federal Bureau of Investigation agency has deployed the system, called Sentinel.
It took them 12 years and more than $600 million to go digital and say bye bye to Paper Work, Paper Files.
Sentinel Main Page looks like Microsoft Outlook
The System will send automatically messages to Agents, reminding them the deadlines or important messages or messages regarding pending cases.

If FBI agent wants to sign, any document then can do it by swiping a card into digital card reader.

Now on FBI agents can use system called Sentinel to do everything
Example –

To search previous cases for information in a web-browser-based layout, complete with cutting edge elements such as movable windows, tabs and a question-and-answer format.

Sharing files electronically with other agents

Track changes made by other agents

Employ RSS feeds to stay abreast of new changes and topics

Should an agent need to find a phone number, they can simply use the search feature to find it and determine if the number has shown up in other cases.

The system also allows FBI agents to scan in critical documents and manage case evidence.

The search function allows FBI agents in the field to have automatic updates sent to them when agents in other field offices enter information that may relate to their investigation.

Last 12 years FBI was working on the Sentinel slowly ditching the paper work and on Tuesday, finally they said now on No Paper Work.

Before this project FBI tried to go digital but that project was cancelled
In 2005, FBI started project Trilogy that was supposed to create software called Virtual Case File.
But Project was cancelled but it cost the FBI $170 million and 3 years’ worth of work.

Year 2006
FBI awarded the Sentinel contract to Lockheed Martin to deploy the system by 2009, but when cost concerns and other issues arose, the FBI took over the final deployment and development of Sentinel.
When the Bureau took over the project in 2010, they increased the total cost of the system by $26 million to $451 million.

FBI Director Robert Mueller told to media that the deployment of Sentinel is an important step forward for FBI's information technology.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

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MEcoy August 02, 2012  

thats cool atleast everything will be easier now

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sounds super useful