01 August 2012

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Understanding what is Electrical Power Grid How Power Grid Works Why Grid Fails

Understanding what is Electrical Power Grid How Power Grid Works Why Grid Fails

Why India is facing Electricity Problems?

The reason is simple  uneducated and selfish Politicians who cannot see beyond votes and corruption.

The black out in 20 states affected more than 60 Crore Indian people.

Complete blackout No electricity  No one is responsible No  One is Culprit No Punishment

Media has not reported in these 20 states how many ministers , politicians , enjoyed electricity when  everyone was facing the darkness.
India is blessed by nature we got sun power and wind power and its utilization by politicians is as good as zero percent.

When  scope to do corruption in coal and nuclear power will end  then 

I think Indian politicians will start to think about solar and wind power utilization by inviting foreign companies

On Monday, India was forced to buy extra power from the tiny neighboring kingdom of Bhutan to help it recover from a blackout that hit more than 22 states.

And they fool Indians saying that India is future super power.

India has five regional grids that carry electricity from electricity power plants to respective states in the country.

All the grids are being run by the state-owned Power Grid Corporation

Names of five electricity grids –



3.North Eastern



All of them are interconnected, except the Southern grid.

Northern Grid collapsed after that  the eastern and northeastern grids too collapsed.

As three Grids failed, 22 states and union territories suffered the blackout in India.

The northern grid covers nine regions –





5.Uttar Pradesh


7.Himachal Pradesh



Eastern Grid covers six regions –

1.West Bengal






North Eastern grid covers seven regions –

1.Arunachal Pradesh







Electricity travels from Electric power plant to our homes through the system called as Electric Power Grid.

An  Electric power grid is an interconnected network of transmission lines for supplying electricity from power suppliers to consumers.

The power grid distribution lines can be  above or underground.

Main power plant consists of spinning electrical generator.

What is used to spin electrical generator ?

1. Water wheel in a hydroelectric dam

2.A large diesel engine

3.A gas turbine

4.Steam turbine -  Steam is created by burning coal, oil or natural gas or it may come from nuclear reactor.

Generator generates  3phase AC power.

In every home, we use single-phase electricity power.

Batteries produce direct current.

Generators produce 3 Phase AC power after this AC power enters transmission substation at the power plant.

Transmission substation uses transformers and increases the voltage and because of that,  it travels long distances.

Transformers job is to reduce the volts normally its 240 Volts

When you see huge towers with power cables, you should understand it is a part of  electric grid and is carrying the power.

Now in 3rd stage power enters to distribution grid.

And through electric poles, finally power electricity reaches to our home through electric meter.

Electric meters keeps count of how many electricity units are used by the particular home.

As per usages of electricity units, every household pays to the company.

Understanding in steps

1 –Main Power plant produces electricity

2- Electricity enters into substation

3- Now electricity travels through transmission lines

4 –Electricity reaches to transformers

5 –Electricity enters to home

Why Grid Collapse?

Following are the reasons for the grid failure.

1.Failure of equipment

2.power suppliers drawing excessive power from the grid

Media has reported that states  like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Jammu Kashmir,  are  violators they draw excessive power.

As per law if this happens the states are fined, but I have never read or heard if any state is fined for withdrawing excessive power.

Photo of Electrical Substation

Reality views by sm –

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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DJ Blay August 01, 2012  

I feel like India is spreading too thin powerwise. If they established different kinds of power sources throughout the country it would make blackouts less of a national concern.

virendra sharma August 01, 2012  

SM your report makes interesting reading.Besides the five grids mentioned by you our Netas are the largest grids .This time aroung the PM is with no power ,.He is a grid without power .Sonia and Rahul derive and feed power from swiss sources.
I may also add a transformer is a device which transfers power from one to another voltage .Power is Transmited at very high voltage and lower currents to reduce line losses .
A step up transformer steps up voltage and reduces current proportinately .Near an electric pole to your home a step down transformer steps down voltage to 220/110 volts and boosts up the currents.Thanks for this informative article .

MEcoy August 01, 2012  

we are experiencing a lot of power out lately maybe because of the weather

AguiLeon.com August 01, 2012  

yes i enjoyed electricity, for internet games, tv, radio lol

Usha August 01, 2012  

sm, Thanks for this informative post on electrical power grid. While driving I heard this news on NPR and was surprised to know the sudden massive extent of Black Out in India...kept wondering how can that happen? Your post helped to understand.
Sad to know that know one is responsible..Hope they assign responsibilities after this lesson.

R.Punitha August 02, 2012  

Hi SM,

Very very informative and shows the clear picture faced by India for the past 3 days ... Magazines are proudly said that this is the biggest powercut in the world!!!! Keep up your Good work SM.

SM August 02, 2012  


thanks for adding more info

Field Dynamic Balancing August 04, 2012  

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that you have a great site! Keep up the good work.